University Marketing Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice President for University Advancement

Number of Members: 48

Updated: September 2021

Purpose. To facilitate communication between and among the various units on the campus who are specifically engaged in marketing initiatives and those with a vested interest in the marketing of the university. It also serves a critical role in fostering a free exchange of creative ideas and efficient use of marketing resources. The committee’s responsibilities are as follows:

• Review and discuss annual marketing strategies for the department and units
• Promote effective communication and collaboration in planning and implementing initiatives
• Coordinate marketing activities in the best interests of the university
• Serve as an information clearing house regarding updates and innovations in marketing, especially as it relates to the use of Social Media
• Encourage creative discussion and synergy
• Function as a sounding board for the effectiveness of marketing concepts and program proposals
• Provide advice and counsel to the AVP Marketing & Communications on issues relating the university’s brand and the use of logos and marks
• Provide an environment where information and education can be disseminated regarding marketing techniques and strategies
• Seek to make the most effective use of financial resources by cooperative purchases of print, video and electronic media whenever possible
• Annually assess the overall effectiveness of marketing on the campus 

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments.  This is a standing committee.  When needed, nominations are submitted by the chair of the committee. 

Chair Appointment. The President appoints the chair.

Committee Members

Kristina Kaskel-Ruiz, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Indefinite Terms
Steven Begnaud III, Assistant Director, Student Activities

Deanna Briones, Administrative Coordinator, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Megan Buro, Marketing Coordinator, Sam Houston Memorial Museum
Meghan Burton, Marketing Coordinator, Enrollment, Marketing, and Communication Services
Becca Broaddus, Associate Director of Communications, Office of the Provost
Julie Campbell, Program Coordinator, College of Business Administration
Hannah Crandall, Writer, Marketing and Communications
Ashley Defrancis, Graphic Design Specialist, College of Arts and Media
Melissa Fadler, Associate Director, Recreational Sport
Michael Foster, Video Producer, Marketing and Communications
Donna Gilbert, Assistant Director, Alumni Membership & Marketing
Shelie Goodwin, Communication and Recruitment Coordinator, College of Education
Weslie Gray, Assistant to the Dean, College of Arts and Media
Wes Hamilton, University Communication Manager, Marketing and Communications
Hannah Haney, Communications and Events Specialist, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Victor Henson II, Communication and Events, College of Criminal Justice
David Hernandez, Senior Graphics Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Sherry Hirsch, Assistant to the Dean, College of Education
Maria Holmes, Associate Dean, Honors College
Fabiola Jean-Baptiste, Marketing and Events Coordinator, Newton Gresham Library
McCartney Johnson, Deputy to the President, Office of the President
Jonathan Kinsey, SHSU Online
Stephanie Knific, Director of Marketing & Comm, PIO, Marketing and Communications
Lindsay Lauher, Assistant Dean, Student Engagement & Retention & Parent & Family Relations
Karen Leonhart, Administrative Coordinator, College of Health Sciences
Russell Martinez, Associate Director of Athletics, Development
Heather Marti, Administrative Associate, College of Business Administration
Michelle Boyd, Undergraduate Coordinator, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Harriet McHale, Marketing Coordinator, College of Criminal Justice
Charlene McWilliams, Executive Director for University Events
Isaac Moen, Assistant Director, Marketing 
Leah Mulligan, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Debbie Nichols, Assistant to VP, Office of Student Affairs
Mekayla Perkins, Specialist, Office of Student Affairs
Lori Proctor, Assistant Director of Print Services, Marketing and Communications
Sierra Ray, Program Marketing Specialist, Enrollment Management
Joe Reed, Coord. Sponsorships, Programs & Marketing, Alumni Relations
Shani Robinson, Associate Dean, College of Business Administration
Shellie Armstrong, Administrative Coordinator, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Emily Schulze, Associate Director of Communications, Communications
Mauri Smith, Associate Director of Online Marketing, Enrollment Management
Bri Smith, Assistant Director, Enrollment, Marketing and Communications
Chelsea Smith, Sr Associate Dean of Students, Office of Dean of Students
Stephanie Smith, Marketing/Comm Coordinator, IT
Jacqueline Swan, Administrative Coordinator, College of Arts and Media
Pamela Ten Eyck, Associate Director for Enrollment Marketing
Kristy Vienne, Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services
Amy Bass Wilson, Associate Director of Creative Services, Marketing and Communications
Heather Caudle, Academic Success Center

To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Tama Hamrick
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394