Athletics Advisory Council

Appointed by: President

Reports to: President

Number of Members: 21

Faculty/Staff: 15

Faculty:  3

Ex officio:  2

Students:  1

Updated:  September 2021

Purpose. Reports to the President. Serves as an advisory committee to the Athletics Director in matters pertaining to policy and procedures of intercollegiate athletics. Reviews annually all policies of the Southland Conference and NCAA and recommends appropriate actions to the Athletics Director. Participates in the planning for future needs through evaluation of the overall scope, needs, and benefits of the athletics program. Such planning includes the promotion of athletics programs in the university environment and community and assistance in designing recruitment and persistent strategies that will provide access to and success of student athletes in the completion of a degree program.

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments, including the Faculty Representatives who serve an indefinite term. In order to provide for continuity of service, the 15 faculty/staff members serve staggered 4-year appointments. The University Faculty Senate nominates faculty members from the various colleges and the library for expiring terms each year. The Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs nominates the faculty/staff for Academic Affairs. The President selects the members from the nominations. By virtue of position, the Chair of the Student Advisory Committee serves as a student representative for a one-year term. By virtue of the positions, the Director of Athletics and the Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women’s Administrator serve as Ex officio, nonvoting members. Re-appointments are permitted.

Chair Appointment. The council elects a Chair and a Chair-Elect.

Council Members

*Name appears more than once

Chair - Term expires August 31, 2022
*Kandi Tayebi, Chair

Chair-Elect - Term expires August 31, 2022
*Bob Maninger, Chair-Elect

Terms expire August 31, 2022
Jose Santiago, College of Health Sciences

Lisa Connor, Newton Gresham Library
Kandi Tayebi, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Terms expire August 31, 2023
Natalie Baker, College of Criminal Justice

Henry Howey, College of Arts and Media
Townes Leigh, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Somer Franklin, Division of Academic Affairs

Terms expire August 31, 2024
Ryan Zapalac, College of Health Sciences

Bob Maninger, College of Education
William Wells, College of Criminal Justice
Carrie Belsito, College of Business Administration

Terms expire August 31, 2025
Robin Bittick, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Gerald Kohers, College of Business Administration
Joan Hudson, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Ted Stuberfield, Division of Academic Affairs

Student Members - Terms expire August 31, 2022
Ryan Humphries, Chair, Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Faculty Representatives - Indefinite Terms
Dwayne Pavelock, Faculty Representative, College of Science and Engineering Technology

Emily Roper, Faculty Representative, College of Health Science
Rhonda Callaway, Faculty Representative, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ex-Officio Members
Chris Thompson, Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator

Bobby Williams, Jr., Director of Athletics

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