Parking Appeals Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

Number of Members: 31

Faculty 12

Staff 7

Students 12

Correct as of: August 2020

Purpose. Assist in the resolution of Sam Houston State University parking citation appeals.

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments.  The University Faculty Senate nominates twelve full-time faculty (terms to be alternating two-year terms, ending August 31, with six members going off each year); the Student Government Association also submits twelve nominees with the President appointing six regular members and six alternate members to the committee serving one-year terms expiring at the end of the academic year; and six administrative staff members are nominated by the President's Cabinet with alternating two-year terms ending August 31.

Chair Appointment. By virtue of position, the Dean of Students serves as permanent chair.

Committee Members

John Yarabeck,   Chair, Dean of Students


Terms expire August 31, 2022:

Aric Schneller, College of Arts and Media
Rachel Houston, College of Criminal Justice
Christopher Zall, College of Science & Engineering Technology
Dianna Kim, Newton Gresham Library
Ernan Rivera, College of Arts and Media
Thomas Cox, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Terms expire August 31, 2021:

George Randall, College of Health Sciences
Susan Elkins, Newton Gresham Library
Xiaoman Duan, College of Business Administration
Jaime Anderson, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Teresa Lesesne, College of Education
Trevor England, College of Business Administration


Terms expire August 31, 2022:

Fernando Chavez, Veterans Center
Cindy Bradfield, Human Resources
Deanna Briones, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Terms expire August 31, 2021:

Ivanette Lofton, Finance & Operations
Rachel Valle, Student Affairs
Amanda Crowley, Advancement Services


Terms expire May 31, 2021:

Jacob Trufan, Student Member-Regular
Aaron Arcos, Student Member-Regular 
Kayla Kimball, Student Member-Regular 
Ashley Carter, Student Member-Regular 
Amber Garcia, Student Member-Regular 
Ibhagui Eseohe, Student Member-Regular 
Wesley Walters, Student Member-Alternate
Kelby Been, Student Member-Alternate
Chinaza Ejikeme,
 Student Member-Alternate
Faith Adjei-Sarpong, Student Member-Alternate
Cydnii Richard-Daniels,
Student Member-Alternate
Taighlor Haynes, Student Member-Alternate

To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Tama Hamrick
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394