Parking Appeals Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

Number of Members: 31

Faculty 12

Staff 7

Students 12

Correct as of: September 2017

Purpose. Assist in the resolution of Sam Houston State University parking citation appeals.

Appointments. The President makes all appointments with the Dean of Students serving as permanent chair; the University Faculty Senate nominates twelve full-time faculty (terms to be alternating two-year terms with six members going off each year); the Student Government Association also submits twelve nominees-the President appoints six Regular members to the committee and six Alternates to serve one-year terms expiring at the end of the academic year; six administrative staff members are nominated by the President's Cabinet with alternating two-year terms.

Committee Members

John Yarabeck,   Chair, Dean of Students


Terms expire August 31, 2018:

Lisa Brown, College of Education
Susan Elkins, Newton Gresham Library
Zijun Luo, College of Business Administration
Katherine Mueller, Newton Gresham Library
Timothy Pannkuk, College of Science & Engineering Technology
Jolene Reed, College of Education

Terms expire August 31, 2019:

Daphne Johnson, College of Education
W. Williamson, Newton Gresham Library
Tyler Manolovitz, Newton Gresham Library
Stanley Kelley, College of Science & Engineering Technology
Thomas Cox, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
 Brian Jordan, College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Terms expire August 31, 2018:

Jacob Bullion, Veterans Center
Cindy Bradfield, Human Resources
Sherry Hirsch, College of Education

Terms expire August 31, 2019:

Forrest Parks, Finance & Operations
Rachel Valle, Student Affairs
Amanda Crowley, Advancement Services


Terms expire May 31, 2018:

Rosie Diaz, Student Member-Regular
Vanessa Roberts, Student Member-Regular 
Bryan Iwu, Student Member-Regular 
Stephanie Cruz, Student Member-Regular 
Ruby Ibarra, Student Member-Regular 
Zachery Dickens, Student Member-Regular 
Victoria Tucker, Student Member-Alternate
Maria Alvarado, Student Member-Alternate
Stephen Griego, Student Member-Alternate
Kelechi Ofoegbu, Student Member-Alternate
Christina Martin,
Student Member-Alternate
Devan Elliott, Student Member-Alternate

To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Heather Adams
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394