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The Dean of Students’ Office provides leadership for the development of a student centered environment in settings outside of the classroom through establishing programs and services that empower students to make responsible choices that embrace healthy social, emotional, and spiritual lifestyles.


The Dean of Students' Office will be recognized within the university community as a primary contributor to student leadership, empowerment, advocacy, and development.


The Dean of Students' Office staff considers our student advocacy and values to be our top priority.  We seek to demonstrate these values through:

  • Commitment to academic excellence and organizational involvement
  • Collaborative planning and programming
  • Leadership development and civic engagement
  • Fair and consistent policy enforcement
  • Grievance and dispute resolution
  • Civility and mutual respect
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Staff respect and sensitivity to work-life balance

Welcome to the Dean of Students' Office

Welcome students, family members, SHSU Faculty and staff,

First and foremost The Dean of Students’ Office (DOSO) staff serves in the capacity of student advocates. We are a central point of contact for students who need to resolve issues/grievances, or need further explanation of policies or procedures. In addition we facilitate co-curricular activities that encourage students to get involved in quality on campus experiences.

This website introduces The Dean of Students' Office staff members and the programs and services that we provide. I invite you to navigate your way through it. You are also encouraged to contact us or drop by for a visit if you need help resolving issues or have questions about the services we provide.

Best Wishes and

Eat 'em up Kats!!

John Yarabeck

John Yarabeck

Dean of Students