Dean of Students' Office

Leadership. Empowerment. Advocacy. Development… "Leading by Example."


The Dean of Students' Office provides leadership for the development of a student centered environment in settings outside of the classroom through establishing programs and services that empower students to make responsible choices that embrace healthy social, emotional and spiritual lifestyles.


The Dean of Students Office will be recognized within the university community as a primary contributor to student leadership, empowerment, advocacy, development and transformed lives.


The Dean of Students Office staff considers our student advocacy philosophy and values to be a driving force and our top priority. In our daily interactions with you and each other we seek to demonstrate these values of:

  • Commitment to academic excellence and co-curricular activities
  • Collaborative planning and programming
  • Community service and civic engagement
  • Leadership and community development
  • Staff respect and sensitivity to work-life balance
  • Fair and consistent policy enforcement
  • Grievance and dispute resolution
  • Civility and mutual respect
  • Diversity and inclusion


The Dean of Students' Office serves as a liaison between students, parents, faculty, university staff and administrators to: assist with individual or group crisis; navigate campus procedures; and serve as an advocate for students, when needed. The office is the primary contact for individuals who need assistance identifying the appropriate resources available to them.

The Dean of Students' Office strives to provide a safe and respectful educational environment that lends itself to learning. When you join the SHSU community, you become part of a family that promotes civility, respect and ethical behavior towards everyone and in every situation. Through the interpretation and facilitation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Dean of Students' Office holds all students to the high standards of honor, character, and excellence. It is our goal to make your SHSU experience memorable and satisfying. We strive to offer the highest level of professionalism and commitment to students. If there is any way the DOSO team can assist you, please contact us at (936) 294-1785 or through email at Take advantage of our resources and best of luck in your academic endeavors.

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