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Time Reporting for Memorial Day - May 25, 2020:

Please use Holiday Hours Taken to record time for non-exempt employees. Exempt employees are not required to report time for this day.

For further questions regarding reporting time and leave please contact the Payroll Office at or 936-294-1273.

Reporting Time/Leave Appropriately:

What do supervisors need to know about emergency leaves, COVID leaves, shelter orders, and ongoing operations?

SHSU asks all supervisors to be flexible with employee needs, to the extent it is possible to do so and maintain enhanced emergency operations. Employees approved to telecommute, or those assigned to report to campus, are expected to continue to do so. 

Essential Employees

Department heads, in conjunction with their Division Vice President, have authority to determine whether an employee's work assignment is critical to ongoing operations of the University, the employee is essential.  A department head also decides whether work may be performed remotely through telecommuting, or the employee's physical presence is required.

If an essential employee does not work as assigned, that employee must take accrued leave, leave without pay, or, if eligible, may apply for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leave discussed below.  However, supervisors may appropriately approve periodic time reported as emergency leave as described below.

Example 1) An essential employee (schedule provided by Supervisor) works Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not Mon-Wed-Fri. The employee reports:

Mon - 8 hours of emergency leave

Tues - 8 hours regular gross salary

Wed - 8 hours of emergency leave

Thurs - 8 hours regular gross salary

Fri - 8 hours of emergency leave               

Example 2) An essential employee non-exempt is on-call and is called into work on Tuesday for 6 hours and Thursday for 12 hours. The employee reports:

Mon - 8 hours of emergency leave

Tues - 6 hours regular gross salary and 2 hours of emergency leave

Wed - 8 hours of emergency leave

Thurs - 12 hours regular gross salary

Fri - 4 hours of emergency leave            

Institutionally Provided Emergency Leave

On April 7, 2020, the University announced enhanced emergency operations status. Dr. Hoyt authorized emergency leave for "periods when [an employee] is not physically present on campus or for those hours not fully engaged in telecommuting" from April 7 – May 3, 2020.  Supervisors should approve or deny emergency leave for work absences on a case by case basis when the leave does not substantially impact the employee's completion of work assignments.  For example, a supervisor may approve emergency leave for occasional work interruptions related to child care for a telecommuting employee, or when an employee does not have sufficient work to fill the allotted time.

Example -  Telecommuting employees report their time as if on campus. However, any hours that a telecommuting employee cannot/does not work, should be reported as emergency leave. For example, an employee is fully engaged in work for 6.5 hours, but spends a total of 1.5 hours managing children. The employee would report:

6.5 hours regular gross salary and 1.5 hours of emergency leave

Federal Leave ("FFCRA")

FFCRA leave options are available from April 1 – December 31, 2020, at the election of the employee.  These leaves cannot be assigned or mandated by the employer. In light of the institutionally provided emergency leave, it is expected FFCRA would be used primarily by essential employees for self-quarantining or child care absences of several days or longer.  Employees choosing FFCRA leave must file the online request through.  Only FFCRA leave related to child care may be used on an intermittent basis.

For more information about the FFCRA leave, please visit the University's Coronavirus Website.

For further questions regarding reporting time and leave please contact the Payroll Office at or 936-294-1273.

2019 W-2s and 1095-Cs Are Now Available Online!

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Student Bio/Demo Changes:

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Direct Deposit Update:

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