Student Transcripts

A Sam Houston State University transcript is the official record of as student’s academic college credits (transfer courses reported to Sam Houston, credits earned by exam – CLEP), including all undergraduate and graduate level courses and degrees earned.

At the request of the student, the transcript may be a comprehensive record of all coursework and degrees, or may be limited to 1) undergraduate coursework and degrees, or 2) graduate coursework and degrees.  Sam Houston State University official transcripts are printed on security paper with the transcript legend on the back.

How To Order Official Transcripts

Order Online

Effective, October 17, 2016, orders for official transcripts will be processed through Credentials Solutions, Inc, a service which provides online ordering availability 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Key features of this service include:

  • Check order status. You may check your order status for online orders: Transcript Order Status.
  • 24/7 access. You may submit your request from anywhere in the world.
  • Faster service. Your transcript may be mailed as early as one business day after submitting your request (instead of 3 business days), pending no transcript holds and successful match-up of student information.
  • Easy address look-up. A search feature connects you to a database of many college and university mailing addresses.
  • Precise addressing. You have control over what address we use to send your transcript. No more worries about an inability to read hand-written addresses.
  • Status updates. Receive email or fax updates on the status of your request, from receipt of the order to a notice when the transaction is complete. This includes confirmation numbers, express delivery tracking numbers, and toll-free phone assistance. If there is a problem in processing your request, you are notified via email or fax (your choice).
  • Exact pricing. When your request is submitted, you know the total cost of the request, and this amount will be charged to your credit card. No more worrying about delays due to incorrect payments.

When paying online for your transcript, be assured Credentials Solutions, Inc. uses encryption technology to keep your information secure.

  • Order With Username and Password
    1. Click Here to Login to MySam
    2. Select "Campus Resources" Tab
    3. View under the "Office of the Registrar" channel heading
    4. Select "Official" underneath the "Transcripts" bullet.

    Once the Credentials Solutions website appears, students in the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program should click on the school name 'SHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine' to order an official transcript containing their professional coursework. All other students should click on the school name 'Sam Houston State University' to order an official transcript containing their undergraduate and/or graduate coursework.

    Those who know their username and password are recommended to request a transcript online through MySam (See Special Note)

  • Order Without Username and Password

    Students or Alumni who do not have a username and password can click on the TranscriptsPlus logo below to order a transcript online.  (See Special note below).

    Transcripts Plus Credentials

Credentials Customer Service: For questions or concerns regarding ordering official transcripts online, please call Credentials Customer Service at (847) 716-3005

Credentials Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST/CDT Monday - Friday.

Special Note:
Transcript requests ordered through My Sam will qualify for “Automatic Authorization,” meaning the student/alum will not be required to complete an Authorization form in order for the request to be processed.  The “Automatic Authorization” ensures the request is processed within 1 business day.

Transcript requests ordered via the TranscriptsPlus logo may require the student/alum to complete an Authorization form before the request can be processed (if Credentials is unable to pre-qualify the request based on the student information entered).  An email will be sent to the student/alum if an Authorization form is required.  The transcript request cannot be processed until the Authorization form has been returned to Credentials.

Resend Policy:
SHSU will resend a transcript to the same address at no charge after 15 days and up to 30 days from the date of the initial order. Resends will be sent only in the format requested initially. (Example: If the initial request was sent in a secure-PDF format, then the resend will be sent in the same secure-PDF format. If the initial request was sent as a hard copy transcript, then the resend will be in the same hard copy format.). Requests for resend before 15 days and after 30 days of initial order will require you to submit another order through Credentials.

Additional Transcript Information

The following types of transcript requests will not be processed as the information is not included on the official transcript record:

  • Transcripts indicating in-progress correspondence coursework (Note: Effective June 2011, completed correspondence courses appear in the transfer coursework section of the official transcript at the time a final grade has been posted to the student record.  These courses are calculated into the transfer grade point average.)
  • Students registered (current or previously) in Continuing Education courses exclusively
  • Students registered in "audit" courses exclusively (Audit courses do not receive college credit.)

The official transcript record provided by the Office of the Registrar will ONLY include "college credit" courses.

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Transcript Hold Information

Official transcripts will not be released for students with a record hold on their account. Listed below are the most common record holds which prohibit the release of an official transcript.

  • Past Due Account (includes Collections, Current Term Registration Balance)
  • Student Life Holds (includes Discipline Meet and Bookstore holds)
  • Property Holds associated with departments, and specific departments such as Disability Office, and Project Connect Office
  • Finance Aid Holds (includes Exit Counseling, Federal Grant Refund/Overpay, and Perkins Loan holds)
  • Registrar Holds (includes Final Degree Requirements and Transcript-Returned Check holds)
  • Residence Life Holds
  • New International Student Service Fee

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Order In Person – Option No Longer Available

The option to request an in-person transcript is no longer available. This service is available as an online ordering service through Credentials. Please refer to the “How to Order Official Transcripts” section from this page for details.

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Order By Mail

SHSU no longer accepts transcript requests via mail. All requests must be submitted online through Credentials Solutions, Inc. Information on how to order a transcript online can be found above under the Order Online section.

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Order By Proxy

SHSU no longer accepts transcript requests via proxy. All requests must be submitted online through Credentials Solutions, Inc. Information on how to order a transcript online can be found above under the Order Online section.

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How to Access Unofficial Transcripts

Because all academic transcripts are official, an “unofficial transcript” may not be ordered.  A student may be able to view their unofficial transcript record by logging in to My Sam as long as the student does not have any holds on their record. 

You may print your unofficial transcript through My Sam by following the instructions in the following link: How to Print Your Unofficial Transcript.

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