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Abounding Love For Poetry

Abounding Love For Poetry

Nick Lantz, assistant professor of English at Sam Houston State University and new editor of the Texas Review, fell in love with writing and poetry during his teenage years.

Helping Bearkats 'Make The Case'

Helping Bearkats 'Make The Case'

Attorney Gene Roberts has combined law, mediation and education into a way to help SHSU students help themselves with navigating legal matters.

Last Update: 03/27/2017 01:28 PM

During the early morning hours of March 27, 2017, possibly after 2 AM, two of our residential units that included Sam Houston Village (1600 Sam Houston Avenue) and Bearkat Village (2400 Montgomery Road) experienced approximately twenty vehicles with shattered windows.  At the time of this notification, several of the victims reported nothing missing from the vehicle; however, others did report items of personal property missing.  It should be noted that apartment complexes in the surrounding area also experienced this type of incident as well.  Reports taken by the Huntsville Police Department indicated as many as fifty vehicles damaged.  We encourage the University community to report all suspicious behavior to the University Police Department or the Huntsville Police Department, and not to store personal property of exceeding value in your vehicle.

The University Police Department would highly encourage anyone with information to please contact the University Police Department at 936-294-1800 with any information.  Also, the Huntsville Police Department can be contacted as well at 936-291-5480 with any information.   


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