University Compliance Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice President for Finance and Operations

Number of Members: 14

Faculty:  1



Updated: September 2022

Purpose. Monitors compliance environment; promotes and maintains compliance consciousness in daily departmental activities.  Ensures accountability for the University’s compliance obligations.  Identifies and evaluates institutional risks, communicates and recommends remediation and monitoring of said efforts for President’s Cabinet review.  Meets at least quarterly.

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments. Terms are indefinite.  The Committee may engage any University employee who is relevant to the compliance issues addressed. The TSUS Compliance Officer and SHSU Director of Audits will serve as ex-officio members, and the TSUS Office of General Counsel will be consulted as needed.

Chair Appointment. President designates the chair who serves an indefinite term.

Committee Members

Paul Morris, Director of Compliance & Insurance

Faculty and Staff
Juan Nunez, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management

Drew Miller, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and the Executive Director of Counseling and Health Services
Chris Thompson, Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator
Steven Frey, Information Security Officer
Sarah Kerrigan, College of Criminal Justice, Faculty
Thelma Mooney, Associate Vice President, Development
Jacob Chandler, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Jeanine Bias Nelson, Director of Equity and Inclusion and Title IX
Amanda Withers, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Operations
Chad Hargrave, Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships & Chief Research Officer

Ex Officio
McCartney Johnson, Deputy to the President, Office of the President

Kelly Blissett, Director, Office of Audits and Analysis
Kelly Wintemute, Compliance Officer, Texas State University System
Sandra Horne, General Counsel, Texas State University System

To Report Errors
All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Lila Alvarado