Greek Life

Thank you for visiting the SHSU Greek Life website and welcome to Sam Houston State University! The SHSU Greek Life Office is committed to enriching students’ collegiate experience and fostering a community of values-based organizations through a commitment to accountability, courageous leadership, and stewardship. For over 60 years, fraternities and sororities at SHSU have had a proud tradition of academic excellence, service to the community, and playing a significant role in the lives of thousands of students and alumni.

Today, our community is comprised of 29 fraternities and sororities across four councils. There are over 1,200 members who make every organization unique and vital to our vibrant community. Though the mission and values may vary, each chapter has a rich history of promoting scholarship, service, leadership, and community.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our community and the unparalleled opportunities membership in a fraternity or sorority offers.

SHSU Greek Life's Mission, Purpose, and Goal

The mission of SHSU’s Greek Life program strives to offer chapters on-campus and off-campus support services. Staff can serve as a liaison between faculty, alumni advisors, inter/national offices, and parents, as well as work to develop values-based leadership development programming. The office also offers training on chapter operations, diversity, risk management, health and safety, and membership recruitment. As Greek Life aims to produce well-rounded students, staff can also assist in monitoring the academic performance of fraternity and sorority members through the STAR program.

4 Pillars of Greek Life

The four pillars of Greek Life reflect the values members of the SHSU Greek community strive to uphold. Concentrating on these four important areas ensures that Greek members will be versatile individuals ready to successfully handle their world during and beyond their collegiate years.

Scholarship – Academic excellence is a vital aspect of Greek Life membership at Sam Houston State University. Scholastic standards are important for each individual fraternity or sorority as well as the Greek community as a whole. Programming, incentives, recognition, and ongoing support are provided to help the Greek community pursue academic success. Academic achievement is the reason students are at SHSU; fraternities and sororities are constructed to help their members meet that goal.

Leadership - Developing leaders today for life after college is an essential part of Greek involvement. Greek members participate in a variety of programs that provide leadership advancement. There are many ways to be a leader in SHSU’s Greek community, including chapter and/or council officer positions, national or regional leadership conferences, campus-based leadership opportunities, and committee involvement.

Service – Service is the backbone of Greek Life involvement at SHSU. It is perhaps the most honorable of the pillars, as members are given opportunities to participate in hands-on volunteer work as well as engage in philanthropic events to raise money for charitable organizations. These opportunities ensure that Greek members leave a positive lasting impression on their community and build continuous habits of giving back.

Brotherhood/Sisterhood – Joining a fraternity or sorority is about making lifelong relationships that carry-on beyond the boundaries of ordinary friendships. Bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are created within an organization and provide SHSU Greeks with a home away from home, guidance, career networking, and a sense of community at growing university. Greek members enjoy lifelong bonds and connections with friends that can provide support in life’s momentous occasions and celebration in life’s accomplishments.

The Facts of "Greek" Life

  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives are members of Greek organizations.
  • 25 United States Presidents have belonged to Greek-letter organizations.
  • Largest network of volunteers in the US, completing/ providing for performing 10 million hours of volunteer services a year: own and manage $3 billion in student housing.
  • House 250,000 students in 8,000 facilities
  • 9 million members total
  • 750,000 undergraduate members
  • 12,000 chapters
  • Located on 800 campuses in USA and Canada
  • 123 Fraternities and Sororities
  • 66 NIC (National Interfraternity Conference) Men's Fraternities
  • 26 NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) Women's Fraternities
  • 9 NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) groups
  • 22 NALFO (National Association of Latino/Latina Fraternal Organizations) groups

Go Lead, Go Give, Go Excel, Go Greek!