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The mission of the Department of Engineering Technology at Sam Houston State University is to provide an educational program designed to provide academic and practical experiences in the areas of management, design, leadership, engineering, and technology for students to prepare to meet industry challenges for the 21st century.

 Construction Management


The Construction Management program provides knowledge and proficiency for students to succeed in a construction management profession through conventional and applied academic learning environments.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Provide fundamental knowledge of building design, materials, cost estimating, scheduling, construction documentation, and personnel management.

  2. Utilize critical thinking and logical decision making to solve challenges in construction industry.

  3. Enhance communication and leadership skills to build a teamwork with construction stakeholders.

  4. Instill an environmental, health and safety mindset to implement a sustainable construction project.

Engineering Technology 


The engineering technology program is intended to provide an educational experience in the areas of management, leadership, and technology that prepares students to meet industry challenges for the 21st century. Students learn to draw upon the principles of management, leadership, physical sciences, technology of industry, and basic engineering for the solution of problems involving industrial products, services, materials and processes, and the supervision and management of facilities and personnel.

Emphases are offered in Electronics, Safety Management, and with a Teaching Certification

Engineering Design Technology

The Engineering Design Technology program equips students with the competency needed in the engineering design field for the implementation of technology innovation, utilization of engineering graphics, and problem solving skills.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Provide hands-on experience in the design, prototyping, electronics, safety, and electrical and renewable energy fields.
  2. Be competent in the use of current and major design soft-wares such as Revit, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Solid Works that is most needed in the engineering, architectural, and manufacturing fields
  3. Be Competent in problem-solving skills from the conceptual stage, to prototyping and final implementation of a product.
  4. Understand materials and their behavior in order to design better products with longer life span
  5. Obtain competencies in problem solving and communication which is much needed in the design and development to enhance and efficient and effective working environment

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology 

EnergyLabPict2The mission of the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Program at Sam Houston State University is to foster Engineering Technology leaders through quality and application oriented breadth of education and experience to contribute to the advancement of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology in support of Hardware, Software, and Systems Engineering.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Graduates will apply their theoretical knowledge of electrical and electronics devices, circuits, and systems to test, troubleshooting, analyze, interpret, improve, and design electronics and computer engineering technology.
  2. Graduates will employ standard analysis and design techniques widely used in ECET area and will apply basic principles of science and mathematics to solve non-standard problems.
  3. Graduates will employ modern information technologies to acquire electrical and electronics data and materials worldwide.
  4. Graduates will collaborate with other professionals as members of technical teams and will communicate effectively with both oral and writing skills.
  5. Graduates will analyze and manage technical projects using accepted, quantitatively-based methods, and commercial and custom software for project management in the related engineering technology.
  6. Graduates will grow professionally through self-study, continuing education, participation in professional societies, and the pursuit of possible professional registration or licensure.
  7. Graduates will consider the social and ethical implications of their work and will comply with all codes and regulations governing their work.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

SHSU students will learn how to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of engineers engaged in the design and development phases of a wide variety of projects involving mechanical systems. With more applied and focused teaching on applications of current technologies, students will learn to solve practical real-world problems.

Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering Transfers/Articulations

This catalog degree plan is intended for students who will be completing the degree at University of Texas at Tyler (UT-Tyler). Students who enter this program complete partial semester credit hours (80) at Sam Houston State University and transfer to UT-Tyler to complete the remaining needed semester credit hours and to be awarded a degree in Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering.

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