Homecoming Steering Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice President for University Advancement

Number of Members: 21

Chair 1

Alumni  1

Community  1

Athletic Department 1

Faculty 2

Staff  10

Ex officio 2

Students 3

Correct as of: June 2016

Purpose. Coordinates Homecoming activities for Sam Houston State University and develops a calendar of events for all coordinated activities during homecoming week.

Appointments. The President makes all appointments and designates the Chair. The Chair nominates all members.  Members serve a two-year year term ending May 31 of that year.  Membership shall include: one alumni officer or board member, one member of the community, two faculty members (with one of the faculty appointees to come from the Faculty Senate), ten staff members (to consist of at least one representative from each of the seven colleges). The Director of University Events from the President's Office, and the Director of Communications (which will serve indefinite terms as ex-officio members), and three student members (consisting of one representative from Student Government Association, one representative from Greek Life, and one representative from the Student Alumni Association).

Committee Members


Charlie Vienne,   Director, Alumni Association

Terms expire May 31, 2018


Barbara Bright, Alumni Relations


Megan Kaltenbach, City of Huntsville

Athletic Department

David Paitson, Athletics


Donna Cox, College of Education
Brian Gibbs, School of Music


Emily Schulze Binetti, College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication
Deanna Briones,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Jurden Bruce, Information Resources
Julie Campbell, College of Business Administration  
Susan Floyd, College of Science
Cutty Gilbert, College of Criminal Justice
Sherry Hirsch, College of Education
Kathleen Gilbert, College of Health Sciences
Angie Taylor, Student Activities
TBD, Bearkat One Card

Ex-Officio Members

Charlene McWilliams, President's Office
Julia May, Marketing & Communications

Terms expire May 31, 2018


Kealey Luther, Student Member - Student Alumni Association   
Rubin Sandlin II, Student Member - Greek Life
Jackie Bolden, Student Member - President, Student Government Association

To Report Errors

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Heather Adams
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394
Email: heatheradams@shsu.edu