The Property Office is responsible for the management and disposition of all University owned property. Property must be monitored and tracked year-round. Please notify our office of any changes related to property.

Manage Surplus

Surplus Property are items no longer required for operations. Departments can transfer items they no longer need to the Property Office, while other departments can claim those items free of charge.

The Property Office will schedule a pickup of these items and transport them to the property warehouse.

Computer and Computer Related Equipment

All surplus computers and computer related equipment must be sent to Information Technology for disposal. It is imperative that all devices capable of storing SHSU information be digitally sanitized in a way that will make data recovery impossible. This includes copy machines and printers. After the devices have been sanitized, IT will initiate a work request for pickup.

Create IT Ticket

Hazardous Materials

Items that contain, have contained or came in contact with hazardous material (i.e. biological, chemical, or radioactive materials) will need clearance from the Environmental Health & Safety department. You will create a work request in FAMIS, Facilities Management work request system, to initiate a safety review and pickup of the item.

Create Work Request

Orange Tagged Assets

Orange tagged assets can be picked up and sent to the Property Office with the completion of our online Transfer Ownership form. This form is also referred to as the RC-21.

Transfer Ownership

Untagged Items

To schedule a pickup for untagged items, you will submit a work request in FAMIS to initiate the pickup coordinating process. Untagged items include, but not limited to, desks, chairs, office supplies, and decorations.

Create Work Request

SHSU departments and Texas state agencies can claim surplus property that has been turned in to the property warehouse free of charge. Items listed below are a small representation of items available and may not be available for long. To view the full inventory, visit the property warehouse at 1426 Windsor Street Huntsville, Texas 77340. If you need wheelchair access, call our office upon arrival at 936.294.4399.

Available Items

2-door File Cabinet

1 Available

3 Drawer Cabinet (no key)

1 Available

3-tier Metal Bookcase

1 Available

4-drawer File Cabinet (No Key)

1 Available

5-drawer File Cabinet (No Key)

1 Available

5-tier Bookcase Metal

1 Available

Assortment of Chairs

7 Available

Wooden End Table

1 Available

All unclaimed surplus property will be sold through public auction.

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Report Asset Changes

Use the forms below to report changes in condition, location, responsibility and ownership of capital and controlled assets. These assets are marked by an orange tag.

Capital Assets are property and capital outlay valuing $5,000.00 or greater with one year or greater estimated useful life.

Controlled Assets are assets with a value of $500.00 or greater and one year or greater estimated useful life that the State Comptroller’s Office determines must be secured and tracked due to the nature of the items. All firearms are to be controlled regardless of the dollar amount.

More information is available in the Property Policy.


Ronald Byrd

Property Coordinator

Tyler Varner

Asset Management Specialist III

Monica Todd

Asset Management Specialist II

Seth Orea

Warehouse Specialist