Wellness Program Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

Number of Members: 9

Faculty: 3

Staff:  5

Students: 1

Updated:  September 2021

Purpose. Provides recommendations regarding the Wellness Program at Sam Houston State University to the Vice President for Student Affairs; responsible for identifying the types and levels of services available, the most appropriate carrier(s) of the services, the appropriate fee structures (if any), and the responsibilities of each. Current activities such as Wellness Week, Substance Abuse HIV/AIDS, Health Forums, and special screening programming, may be planned under this umbrella. The Wellness Program Committee coordinates the Substance Abuse Committee and other standing committees of this type. Existing committees remain autonomous but would have more coordination regarding campus-wide health and wellness activities.

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments from nominations submitted by the Director of Recreational Sports, Director of Human Resources, Dean of Health Sciences, Staff Council, Faculty Senate, and the Student Government Association. The committee will consist of nine members including the chair. Members will serve two-year terms with renewable service term options. Student members will serve a one-year term. The ADAI member will serve an indefinite term by virtue of position.

Chair Appointment. By virtue of position, the Chair will serve an indefinite term.

Committee Members


Andrew Miller, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs (Indefinite Term)


Term expires August 31, 2022

Laura Dougherty, College of Health Science
Cynthia Bennett, Human Resources
Jamie Hinojosa, Faculty Senate Representative
TBA, Recreational Sports

Term expires August 31, 2023

Kathleen Gilbert, College of Health Sciences, Staff
Stacie Szaal, Center for Assessment, Research, and Educational Safety
Maria Munoz, Faculty, College of Health Science

Student Member

Term expires May 31, 2022

Courtney Odem, Student Government Association

Indefinite Term

Edward Gisemba, Alcohol and Drug Initiative

To Report Errors

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Tama Hamrick
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394
Email: thamrick@shsu.edu