COVID-19 Information


The Student Health Center no longer has a FREE supply of the COVID home self tests available. The SHC will continue to have these tests available for purchase through the pharmacy for STUDENTS ONLY. The cost of the test will be $10. If your first self test is negative and you are having symptoms the CDC recommendation is to perform a second test 48 hours later.

COVID-19 rapid PCR testing provided in the SHC clinic for student appointments will now be billed to students accounts as a part of their appointment.
COVID Only PCR test- $45
COVID/FLU/RSV multi test - $65

COVID Absence Notification Process

Students should make contact directly with their professors to determine their policy for illness related absences.

If the professor notifies the student that a medical or doctor’s note is required, the student has the following options-

  • If a student has had a medical appointment, they may contact the medical office where they had an appointment to request a note.
  • An SHSU student may ONLY contact the Student Health Center for a medical excuse note if they had a scheduled medical appointment at the health center and were seen for a sick visit.

An SHSU student may contact the Dean of Students office for an absence notification form ONLY if they have tested positive for COVID and can provide proof of that positive test along with their absence request, this would be a lab report or if they performed a home self-test a picture of their positive test result.

To complete an absence request form visit the Dean of Students website.

Positive Test - What Steps Do I Take?

SHSU is following current CDC guidance for Isolation and precautions for people with COVID-19. Please review the guidance and then if you have any follow up questions or need clarification please email

State/National COVID-19 Resources

SHSU COVID-19 Resources