The Office of Assessment is dedicated to promoting best practices in higher education assessment. We offer support and assistance to programs, offices, and departments campus-wide. Additionally, we support the assessment of Sam Houston State University's Core Learning Objectives. For a brief introduction to our office, please watch the video above.

News & Updates

Changes for the 2022-2023 Cycle

1. New Target Field

Units that have performance objectives will notice that the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) plan item now includes a Target field. In previous cycles, this information was included in the KPI itself. Separating the KPI and target will help ensure that targets are not overlooked. 

Please watch our brief (approx. 1-minute) video to view the new Target field:

2. Cycle Closing Date

To prevent having two cycles open at once, we are moving the cycle closing date from the beginning of October to September 15. 

  • The new cycle will open 1-2 business days later. 
  • A complete list of deadlines can be found on the Anthology Planning webpage.

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