Honors College Advisory Committee

Appointed By: President

Reports To: Vice Provost

Number of Members: 17

Correct as of: September 2018

Purpose. Recommends policies and procedures for the Honors College to the Academic Policy Council.

Appointments. The President makes all appointments from nominations by the Dean of the Honors College and the Associate Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Services; three-year terms expiring at the end of the fiscal year; chair is the Dean of the Honors College.

Committee Members


Kimberly Bell, Dean, Honors College

Terms expire August 31, 2021:

Kenneth McIntyre, Humanities and Social Sciences
Janet Mullings,
Criminal Justice

Jeffrey Wozniak, Science & Engineering Technology

Terms expire August 31, 2019:

Rick Bello, Humanities and Social Sciences
Hannah Gerber,
Victoria Lantz,
Fine Arts and Mass Communication
Michelle Martinez,
Newton Gresham Library
Brian Loft,
Science & Engineering Technology
Criminal Justice
Valerie Muehsam,
Business Administration
Barbara Kaminska,
Fine Arts and Mass Communication

Terms expire August 31, 2020:

Tamara Cook, Science & Engineering Technology
Benjamin Park, Humanities and Social Sciences
Pamela Zelbst, Business Administration
Joyce McCauley, Education
Maria Botero-Jaramillo, Humanities and Social Sciences

To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Heather Adams
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394
Email: heatheradams@shsu.edu