Academic Affairs Council

Appointed By: Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reports To: Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Number of Members: 86

Updated: September 2022

Purpose. Serves in an advisory capacity to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; provides a forum for the discussion of academic matters; serves as an academic policy review body as requested by the Provost and Senior Vice President; serves as a curriculum change and development review body as requested by the Provost and Senior Vice President; and provides a forum for communicating more effectively on all academic concerns.

Member Appointments. The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as Chair and makes all appointments. Membership includes the Vice Provost; Associate Provost; Associate Vice Provosts; Associate Vice Presidents; the Executive Director of the Newton Gresham Library; Dean of the Graduate School; Dean of the Honor's College; Director of Military Science; Academic Deans, Associate Deans, and Assistant Deans from each of the eight colleges; all academic Department Chairs, including the Director of Library Public Services and the Director of Library Technical Services; and the Chair and Chair-elect of the University Faculty Senate.

Chair Appointment. The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as Chair.

Council Members

Dr. Michael Stephenson, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Administration
Dr. Anne Gaillard, Vice Provost
Dr. Chad Hargrave, Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs and Chief Research Officer
Dr. Somer Franklin, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. William Angrove, Associate Vice President and Chief Online Education Officer
Dr. Aneika Simmons, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Success
Dr. Eric Owen, Executive Director, Newton Gresham Library
Dr. Kenneth Hendrickson, Dean of The Graduate School & Associate Vice Provost for Community Engagement
Dr. Kimberly Bell, Dean, Honor's College
LTC Joshua Limberg, Chair, Military Science

University Faculty Senate
Dr. Samuel Adu-Prah, Chair, University Faculty Senate
Dr. Maria Botero, Chair-elect, University Faculty Senate

College of Arts and Media
Dr. Ronald Shields, Dean
Dr. Mia Long Anderson, Associate Dean
Dr. Penny Hasekoester, Associate Dean
Dr. Michael Henderson, Art
Dr. Jenifer Pontius, Department Chair, Dance
Mr. Wojciech Lorenc, Department Chair, Mass Communication
Mr. Scott Plugge, Department Chair, School of Music
Mr. Thomas Prior, Department Chair, Theatre and Musical Theatre

College of Business Administration
Dr. Shar Self, Dean
Dr. Kurt Jesswein, Associate Dean
Dr. Shani Robinson, Associate Dean
Dr. Phillip, Department Chair, Accounting
Dr. Mark Frank, Department Chair, Economics and International Business
Dr. Joey Robertson, Department Chair, General Business and Finance
Dr. Gerald Kohers, Department Chair, Management, Marketing, and Information Systems

College of Criminal Justice
Dr. Phillip Lyons, Dean
Dr. Danielle Boisvert, Senior Associate Dean and Professor
Dr. William Wells, Department Chair, Criminal Justice and Criminology
Dr. Sheree Hughes, Department Chair, Forensic Science
Dr. Nadav Morag, Department Chair, Security Studies
Dr. Shelly Clevenger, Department Chair, Victim Studies

College of Education
Dr. Stacey Edmonson, Dean
Dr. Helen Berg, Associate Dean
Dr. Dustin Hebert, Associate Dean
Dr. Forrest Lane, Associate Dean
Dr. Benita Brooks, Assistant Dean
Dr. Seth Olson, Department Chair, Counselor Education
Dr. Kathleen Rice, Department Chair, Educational Leadership
Dr. Holly Weimar, Department Chair, Library Science and Technology
Dr. Abbie Strunc, Department Chair, School of Teaching and Learning

College of Health Sciences
Dr. Emily Roper, Dean
Dr. Ryan Zapalac, Associate Dean
Dr. Jennifer Bunn, Associate Dean
Dr. Christine Cardinal, Assistant Dean
Dr. Ron Reed, Department Chair, Human Science
Dr. Jennifer Didier, Department Chair, Kinesiology
Dr. Ray Newman, Department Chair, Public Health
Dr. Devon Berry, Director, School of Nursing

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Chien-pin Li, Dean
Dr. Leif French, Senior Associate Dean
Dr. Carroll Nardone, Associate Dean
Dr. James Crosby, Associate Dean
Dr. Frances Brandau, Department Chair, Communication Studies
Dr. Jake Blevins, Department Chair, English
Dr. Brian Jordan, Department Chair, History
Dr. Jason Enia, Department Chair, Political Science
Dr. Jorge Varela, Department Chair, Psychology and Philosophy
Dr. Jason Konefal, Department Chair, Sociology
Dr. Montse Feu Lopez, Department Chair, World Languages and Cultures

College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Shannon Ramsey Jimenez, Interim Dean
Dr. Stephen McKernan, Associate Dean
Dr. Courtney West, Associate Dean
Dr. Kevin Lord, Associate Dean
Dr. Mario Loomis, Department Chair, Clinical Anatomy
Dr. Sanjeev Choudhary, Department Chair, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Dr. Diego Alvarez, Department Chair, Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr. Kemi Olaiya, Department Chair, Primary Care and Clinical Medicine
TBA, Department Chair, Osteopathic Principles and Practice

College of Science and Engineering Technology
Dr. John Pascarella, Dean
Dr. Li-Jen Lester, Associate Dean
Dr. Melinda Holt, Associate Dean
Dr. Aaron Lynne, Department Chair, Biological Sciences
Dr. Donovan Haines, Department Chair, Chemistry
Dr. Bing Zhou, Department Chair, Computer Science
Dr. Faruk Yildiz, Department Chair, Engineering Technology
Dr. John Harris, Department Chair, Environmental and Geosciences
Dr. Dustin Jones, Department Chair, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Joel Walker, Department Chair, Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Doug Ullrich, Department Chair, School of Agricultural Science

Newton Gresham Library
Dr. Eric Owen, Executive Director, Newton Gresham Library
Ms. Lisa Shen, Director of Library Public Services
Mr. Michael Hanson, Director of Library Technical Services

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