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@SHSUCJ May is
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Month!

What does DEI Mean to Criminal Justice? Diversity: accepting a variety of people from different backgrounds. Equity: fair and impartial treatment no matter race, religion, gender, etc. Inclusion: giving a voice, power, and authority to a variety of people.

Welcome to DEI Month! For the month of May we are going to celebrate and highlight diversity, equity, and inclusion in CJ. What does DEI mean to you?

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A Message from Dean Lyons on the Current Social Climate and Future of CJ

Dean Lyons

This is just the beginning, we want to be better, do better, and we want to hear your voice! For feedback and ideas please reach out to us at this address:

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Join one of the largest and most prestigious criminal justice programs in the country.

The College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University is one of the top programs in the country for the study of criminal justice and criminology, forensic science, and security studies and continues to set the national standard for these disciplines in higher education. Since 1963, the college has been at the forefront of academic research and professional leadership development.

Learn from our faculty, a worldwide collection of the most respected criminal justice experts in the study of criminal justice, who bring modern technological methods and advanced applications into the classroom.

  • Choose from a large criminal justice course selection, including online courses
  • Study at research Institutes in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Victims, and Legal Studies
  • Join active Honor societies and Student Associations
  • Access to world renowned law enforcement and correctional training institutes
  • Apply for several criminal justice scholarships and graduate student assistantships

Grow personally and professionally by pursuing an exciting career with a criminal justice, forensic science, or homeland security studies degree. Embrace all of the resources the College of Criminal Justice has to offer through our undergraduate degrees, masters degrees, and Ph.D. programs. Apply today and choose one of our degree programs that open a world of opportunity.

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