Development Leave Committee

Elected by: Provost

Reports to: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Number of Members: 9

Faculty: 9

Correct as of: August 2020

Purpose: Reviews applications, develops rankings, and provides written recommendations to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Member Appointments: The Provost makes all appointments. Committee members shall consist of nine tenured faculty members elected for a three-year term by a vote of the general faculty from nominations submitted by the University Faculty Senate at an election conducted by the University Faculty Senate. If a vacancy occurs on the Faculty Development Leave Committee, the University Faculty Senate shall nominate a replacement to fill the unexpired terms.

Chair Appointment. The chair is elected by the committee.

Committee Members

Term for Chair expires August 31, 2021:

Fidel Gonzalez*, Chair

Terms expire August 31, 2021:

Qingzhong Liu, Science & Engineering Technology
Karla Eidson, Education
Julie Hall, Humanities & Social Sciences

Terms expire August 31, 2022:

Fidel Gonzalez*, Business Administration
Joyce McCauley, Education
Erin Owens, Newton Gresham Library

Terms expire August 31, 2023:

Deborah Popham, Arts and Media
Jennifer Didier, Health Sciences
Yan Zhang, Criminal Justice

To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Tama Hamrick
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394