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The Scholarship Team in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office coordinates and administers Sam Houston State University scholarship programs for all student classification levels.  SHSU utilizes a streamlined application, Scholarships4Kats.  This application dramatically simplifies the process for students by importing key information from their student data record and allowing them to be automatically considered for all relevant scholarships. A student has to be accepted to Sam Houston State University to apply for scholarships.

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How to Apply for Scholarships

Access & Sign into Scholarships4Kats

Access the Scholarships4Kats portal.

Click the orange Sign In button at the top right-hand corner.

Complete the General Application

Fill out all the fields for the General Application and click Finish and Submit at the bottom of the page.

Apply for Recommended Opportunities

Click the Opportunities button at the top of the page.

Look through the scholarships and click the orange Apply button to apply for them.

Answer any supplemental questions and click the Save and Keep Editing button.


Important Information

Deadline Information

  • Scholarships4Kats Priority Date: November 1st
  • Students are notified via mail from the department offering the scholarship and via e-mail from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if they are awarded.  Students can also view their award packages on their Self-Service Banner.

Scholarship Notification

  • Once a recipient is selected an Award Letter is emailed to the student’s SHSU email account.
  • Awarded Scholarships can be viewed by logging into My Sam using the student's username and password.
  • Scholarships are listed in the financial aid section at the bottom of the My Account tab on My Sam.

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External Scholarships

Explore External Scholarships

External scholarships are developed and funded by private organizations. They can potentially help students cover the costs of their education and education-related expenses. Student eligibility rules are created by the organization offering the scholarship and can depend on many factors. SHSU is not endorsing any external scholarships, affiliated awards, and/or practices.

Please remember to read all instructions carefully, and never give out any sensitive information (social security number, etc.) or agree to pay any application fees.

External Scholarship Processing

If you receive an award from an external scholarship, the funds should be sent to SHSU for processing. Instructions on submitting an external scholarship award to SHSU are located on the Student Account Services website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help logging into Scholarships4kats?

  • Are you a current student? – Only SHSU students can access Scholarships4Kats
  • Be sure that you are accessing Scholarships4Kats through the SHSU portal, not through Google or any other search engine. Go to your MySam account, select the Student tab, then click on the Scholarships4Kats link.
  • Students should never have to ‘’login” thanks to the single sign on feature (SSO).

How can I make changes to my application once it is submitted?

  • The Letters of Recommendation are the only documents/entries that can be edited in regards to the Scholarships4Kats Application.
  • No other changes can be made to your application after submitting

How do I know what scholarships I qualify for?

Review opportunities on the Scholarships4Kats home page. All of the requirements are listed under each scholarship opportunity.

When do I know if I am receiving any scholarships?

  • You have excelled at meeting the priority deadline, however, many departments award at later dates. At this time, we cannot provide a definite date of notification. If you are selected as a recipient, you will be notified through your SHSU email account.
    • Scholarship committees are urged to notify recipients by May 1st.
  • Keep in mind that just because you qualify for a scholarship does not guarantee that you will be selected. Our scholarship process is very competitive.

Can I still apply for scholarships after the priority deadline has passed?

No. Preference is given to students who meet the priority deadline. We have established this deadline to allow students the best opportunity for awards by meeting the deadline closest to the majority of the scholarships offered at SHSU.

Do you offer Summer scholarships?

  • Summer awards depend on the funds available.
  • Scholarship applications will be posted on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

If I change my major, how do you know?

In regards to majors, we pull student’s majors through University data. Be sure that when you “change your major” that you did so with an advisor so that it was changed in the system.

When will the application open for the following year?

The application for the next academic year opens the September prior to the priority deadline for that year

If I have scholarships from other organizations, where do I or they send payment?

  • Cashier’s Office: ATTENTION: Scholarships
    Sam Houston State University
    Box 2273
    Huntsville, Texas 77341-2273
  • Be sure that the organization knows to include your name and SAM ID on the check as well as indicate how the funds are to be disbursed (½ in Fall and ½ in Spring or all in one term).
  • For more information visit the Cashier's Office.

Where will my scholarship award be sent?

  • Scholarships awarded to students at Sam Houston State University are applied to the student’s account through their Banner Self Service. The scholarship funds will apply to the student’s balance due. Any residual funds will then be issued to the student as a refund.
  • Refund preferences can be setup through the student’s Bearkat One account. The contact information is listed on the back of the Bearkat One Card.

I am an entering freshman, what information should I know regarding scholarship opportunities?

  • You will need to complete your Scholarships4Kats Application by the November 1st priority deadline in order to qualify for scholarships offered at Sam Houston State University.
  • Meeting the November 1st priority deadline for Early Freshmen Awards will include you in early awards such as Annual Fund and University Scholars.
    • The criteria for University Scholars are:
      1. Be in the upper 10% of class
      2. Minimum SAT score of 1300 (reading and math) or minimum of 30 on the ACT
    • The criteria for Annual Fund are:
      1. Be in the top 20% of class
      2. Minimum SAT score of 1200 (reading and math) or minimum 27 on the ACT
  • Also, remember to check with your high school counselor on additional scholarship opportunities.

Do you have any hints to help me be successful in completing Scholarships4Kats?

  • There are essays within the application. Use a program like Microsoft Word to spell check your essays.
  • Submit your application well in advance of the deadline to avoid any technical errors.

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