Our People

The strength of Sam Houston State University is its people. Look anywhere on campus and you’ll see bright, engaged individuals collaborating to make not just the SHSU campus a better place, but the world as well.

People such as Dr. Ilona Petrikovics, associate professor of chemistry, whose student-assisted work on antidotes for toxins in biological warfare will save lives in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Dr. James Olson, an overwhelmingly favorite history professor among SHSU students. His own battle with cancer led him to explore the subject and write the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Bathsheba’s Breast: Women, Cancer, and History. Students taking his popular lectures will join him in the Dr. James S. Olson Auditorium.

Leslie Mills taught at a local elementary school as part of her Academic Studies coursework. Leslie was named one of only two state Student Teachers of the Year by the Texas Directors of Field Experiences. She now teaches first grade at Glen Loch Elementary School in Conroe, Texas.