Course and Faculty Information (HB 2504)

Information for House Bill 2504

House Bill 2504 mandates certain information be publicly available from an institution of higher education's website. The following links address this information.

Faculty Vita and Syllabus

Faculty vita and class syllabi are located at

To find the syllabus or vita for a particular class:

  1. Select the appropriate semester and year, then click “Continue”
  2. In the drop down menu, choose the applicable department and click “Search”
  3. A list of all classes taught by the selected department within the chosen semester will load
  4. Locate the appropriate class and click “Short Vita” or “Syllabus” from the expandable list

Teacher Evaluations

Faculty evaluations are available at


Budget information is available for 2020.

Financial Aid and Jobs for Students

The Financial Aid site contains information for student jobs.

The direct link to registration for Jobs for Kats is