Office of Alumni Relations

Office of Alumni Relations

Not a member of the SHSU Alumni Association? Membership shows support for your alma mater, and comes with a number of benefits and services. Activate your membership today for just $35 and be part of a dynamic alumni organization, which is now over 13,000 members strong!

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The SHSU Alumni Association is pleased to offer an exclusive worldwide travel discount service to our alumni members and friends. 

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Any hotel, any car, anywhere, anytime!

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As the official travel program of the Sam Houston State University Alumni Association, the Traveling Bearkats provide SHSU alumni and their friends and families the security of traveling in a group and the camaraderie of fellow alumni who have a desire to see the World. 

Join the Traveling Bearkats on a trip to explore the world!

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Life Endowed Members
D. Sam Bain '56
James D. Hallbeck '97
Becky Spelce '93
Barbara N. Bright '61
Major Harper-Terry '03
* Janelle A. Paris '46
Justin Burnett '02
Charles W. Jones III '81
Dan I. Rather '53
James D. Carey '61
Ronald P. Koska '61
Martee Rush '05
Terry M. Carlton '60
Kyle Lehne '94
Don A. Sanders '58
*Bobby L. Davis '69
Susan S. Lenamon '73
John E. Simmons 
Kelly DeHay '74
Dianne MacKenzie '60
Rueben C. Tamez '90, '94
Gary Dudley '69
*Ronald P. Mafrige '60
Bonnie Thorne '60
Jim P. Ferris '69
Randall R. Martell '78
Laverne Warner '62, '69
W. Allen Gage '61
Tommy Metcalf '71
Carol Hail Weller '69
Joseph L. "Bud" Haney '55
Jill Bell Myatt '63
Robert D. Young Jr. '13

Joint Life Endowed Members
William "Bill" '88 & Kerri D. Byler
Walter '79 and Jan Fitzgerald
James F. '65 & Nancy Gaertner
Russell D. '72 and Glenda J. '73, '77 Gordy
John M. '75 and * Nancy '79 Hoyt
R. Dean '67 and Betty A. '67 Lewis
Richard J. '61 and Kitty W. '83 Lindley
Randy '74 and Patricia '74 Pollard
John R. '59 & Judith A. Ragsdale
C. Tom Reese '56  & Melba Matthews Reese
Dan E. '65, '67 & Marian M. Spence
* Deceased