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Payments are disbursed within contract and invoice terms. If no due date or term is specified on the invoice, then payment is paid within 30 days, per the Prompt Pay Act.

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Payment Process

1 – Invoice

2 – Verify

3 – Receipt

4 – Pay

Invoice. Vendor should send invoice to Disbursement Office via email, mail, or electronically submit through BearKatBuy. If invoice is obtained by the department, then attach invoice in BearKatBuy by adding a comment to, indicating invoice attached.

Verify. Employee should verify products and services matching invoice. Any discrepancies should be resolved with the vendor. State funded invoices must match the PO dollar amount for each item. If amount charged does not match PO, then a Change Order is required. Only on local funds the university allows for the invoice charge to be within a 10% tolerance amount of the PO.

Receipt. Create a “receipt” in BearKatBuy and add comments with any supporting documents, such as packing slips or corrected invoices. Note any discrepancies.

Pay. Vendors will be paid based on their preference type and terms. Vendors not in BearKatBuy must provide information by enrolling in Payment Works. Submitting a Payee Form/Substitute W-9 is limited to refunds/reimbursements. Upon completion, vendors are assigned a Vendor ID and will appear in BearKatBuy for processing payment.


How to Obtain Vendor Information

payment works logo blue and green hurricane shape PaymentWorks

An electronic invitation is sent to a vendor from a campus user to complete PaymentWorks registration to do business with SHSU. PaymentWorks securely hosts and validates vendor information also allowing the vendor accessibility to view payment status for invoicing.

Login Request Access

Payee Form / Substitute W-9

Recommended use for refund or reimbursement payment type to a person only. PaymentWorks should be used if SHSU is receiving an invoice and/or billing for a product/service.

Complete Form

Payment Methods

Credit Card

Direct Deposit

Payment Card



State Warrant

In order to setup credit card payments, vendors must contact Disbursements by calling 936.294.4801. Checks and wires are processed through by the Office of Banking & Debt Management. Wires are required for foreign payments. State Warrants are issued for all purchases from E&G funding sources, funds 11 and 12.

Check Payment Status

Vendors can view payments within their Payment Works account. Campus users can view payments in Banner by entering the vendor ID in the FAIVNDH report. If you don’t know the vendor ID, use the ellipse button to the right of the vendor ID field. Under check number, an exclamation marks indicate direct deposits, while checks will start with 70.

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