Protection of Human Subjects, Committee For

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs

Number of Members: 28

Faculty 21

Student Services 2

Community Member 2

Inmate Advocate 2

Ex officio 1

Correct as of: October 2018

Purpose. To develop university policy governing research on human subjects; to review compliance with university policy on human subjects; to serve as a body to review appeals from individual researchers whose proposals have been rejected by either departmental or college communities on human subject research; and to review complaints from individuals who allege that studies conducted at the university have been in violation of university policy on research with human subjects. The committee reports to the Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs.

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments from nominations submitted by the academic deans. The committee consists of at least fourteen Regular members and at least thirteen Alternate members. Membership should include: four faculty members (2 Regular members and 2 Alternates) from the College of Criminal Justice; six faculty members (3 Regular members and 3 Alternates) from the College of Education; two faculty members (1 Regular member and 1 Alternate member) from each of the other 5 Colleges. One Regular member and one Alternate member from the community will be nominated by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs from recommendations made by the committee chair; one Student Affairs representative and one Alternate member will be nominated by the Vice President for Student Affairs; one Inmate Advocate and one Alternate member will be nominated by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Regular members and Alternate members serve three-year terms, staggered to ensure continuity of membership on the committee.

Chair Appointment. The President designates the chair.

Membership Requirements: The Committee shall be sufficiently qualified through the experience and expertise (i.e., completion of CITI certification) of its members, and the diversity of the members' background including consideration of racial and cultural backgrounds and sensitivity to such issues as community attitudes, to promote respect for its advice and counsel in safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects. 

Committee Members


Donna Desforges, Humanities and Social Sciences

Regular Members

Terms expire August 31, 2021:

Magdalena Denham, Criminal Justice
Will Oliver, Criminal Justice

Valencia Browning-Keen, Health Sciences
Darren Grant, Business Administration
Scott Miller, Science and Engineering Technology
Chase Young, Education

Terms expire August 31, 2019:

Hannah Gerber, Education
Anthony Harris
, Education

Emily Taehee Kim, Arts and Media
David Nelson
, Humanities and Social Sciences

Shanna Lane, Community Representative
Daughn Pruitt
, Student Affairs
Ken Nash
, Inmate Advocate

Alternate Members

Terms expire August 31, 2021:

Yan Zhang
, Criminal Justice
Richard Henriksen, Education
Kevin Randall, Health Sciences
Nam Kim, Arts and Media
Lisa Van Raalte, Humanities and Social Sciences
Jaron Rider, Student Affairs

Terms expire August 31, 2019

Bobby LaRue, Criminal Justice
Jim Hynes, Education
Benita Brooks, Education
Carliss Miller, Business Administration
Ryan Saucier, Science and Engineering Technology
Calysta Lantiegne, Community Representative
Doug Kim, Inmate Advocate

Ex-officio Member

Chad Hargrave, Associate Vice President for Research and Special Programs

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Heather Adams
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