Commencement Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Vice Provost

Number of Members: 58

Updated: September 2021

Purpose. Plans and implements the mechanics of University commencement exercises.

Member Appointments. The President makes all appointments. This is a standing Committee. When needed, nominations are submitted by the Chair of the committee or his/her designated.

Chair Appointment. The President appoints the Chair.

Committee Members

Chair and Vice Chairs
Mark Tuttle, Chair

Douglas Berg, Vice Chair
Matt Wagner, Vice Chair
Dustin Gross, Vice Chair

College Representatives
Jonathon Bryson, College of Arts and Media
Nicholas Graves, College of Arts and Media
Jonathan Breazeale, College of Business Administration

Xiaoman Duan, College of Business Administration
Kurt Jesswein, College of Business Administration

Steve Johnson, College of Business Administration
Hadley Leavell, College of Business Administration
Bala Maniam, College of Business Administration
Jeff Strawser, College of Business Administration
Andia Azimi, College of Criminal Justice
Jay Coons, College of Criminal Justice
Cassandra Gonzales, College of Criminal Justice
Jurg Gerber, College of Criminal Justice
Russell Lundberg, College of Criminal Justice
Holly Miller, College of Criminal Justice
Michael Vaughn, College of Criminal Justice
Rita Watkins, College of Criminal Justice
Peter Lehmann, College of Criminal Justice
Will Davis, College of Criminal Justice
Alexander Kinney, College of Criminal Justice

Alma Contreras-Vanegas, College of Education
Jalene Potter, College of Education
Daphne Johnson, College of Education
Joyce McCauley, College of Education
Melinda Miller, College of Education
Diana Nabors, College of Education
Laura Burleson, College of Health Sciences
Jennifer Didier, College of Health Sciences
Linda James, College of Health Sciences
Rosanne Keathley, College of Health Sciences
Jose Santiago, College of Health Sciences
Shyam Sivankutty, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Joel Walker, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Ross Guida, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Tarek Trad, College of Science and Engineering Technology
John Harris, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Courtney Banks, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hillary Langley, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bernadette Pruitt, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Feu Lopez Montse, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Lee Miller, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Other Members
McCartney Johnson, Office of the President
Kimberly Bell, Dean, Honors College
Richard Rodriguez, Registrar's Office
Ed Chatal, Manager, Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum
David Naranjo, Assistant Director, Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum
Stephanie Knific, Director of Marketing and Communications and PIO
Juan Nunez, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Anne Gaillard, Vice Provost
Kevin Morris, Director, Public Safety Services
Scott Plugge, Chair, School of Music
Ashton Mouton, Usher
Steve Nenninger, Usher
Joey Robertson, Usher
Laura Sullivan, Usher
Diana Brown, Usher
Christopher Thompson, Usher


To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Dr. Tama Hamrick