CARES Funding

The application for students to apply for CARES funding is currently closed.

CARES Funding Overview

SHSU applied for CARES funding on April 13, 2020.  The university received $17.4 million, with $8.7 million used for Emergency Financial Aid Grants. As of November 20, 2020, over 7,805 Sam Houston State University students have received $8,594,754  in CARES funding. 

For those students not eligible for CARES funding, SHSU has awarded $988,304 to 887 students from the Bearkat Emergency Fund bringing the total grants awarded to $9.3 million.

Eligibility and Application Process

Approximately 12,000 students were eligible to receive funding through the CARES act. CARES funding was awarded based on eligibility requirements established by the Department of Education including conditions such as enrollment status and financial aid eligibility.

An online application was provided to the students through the SHSU website. A committee was designated to review all applications for COVID-related need for eligible students with enrollment status and Title IV criteria. Financial Aid staff used a variety of reports to determine Title IV eligibility (SAP, Disbursement reports, Residency Reports from Admissions and Registrar's Office). The committee reviewed technology needs, housing/food insecurities, and general needs. 

Award Amounts

SHSU provided three application periods for student to apply.The average award for the students was $1,000 per disbursement. Award amounts for each funding cycle/round of awards:

  • Spring 2020 students – (Application dates 3/22 – 3/31): * Round 1 Max Award of $2,000: Technology - $800, Rent - $500, Food - $250, Unspecific - $250, Academic Assistance(books/supplies) - $500
  • Spring and Summer 2020 students – (Application dates 4/13 – 4/18) :* Round 2 Max Award of $3,000: Technology - $500, Rent - $2000, Food - $2000, Unspecific - $750, Academic Assistance(books/supplies) - $500
  • Summer 2020 students – (Application dates 6/1 – 6/8) * Round 2 Max Award of $3,000: Technology - $500, Rent - $2000, Food - $2000, Unspecific - $500, Academic Assistance(books/supplies) - $500

Student Notification

SHSU used the university's COVID FAQ page and social media to share application timeframes and eligibility requirements.

  • Students who submitted applications received confirmation emails with expected award dates
  • Students who were denied were sent notification
  • Approval emails included details on when to expect their refunded funds

Future Application Periods

Future application cycles are depended on additional federal CARES funding. 

Additional Resources

Students will soon see their SHSU financial aid disbursements for fall, which will start on August 9.  To learn how to better manage budgets and expenses during this challenging time, students are encourages to schedule an appointment with the Student Money Management Center for assistance.

Quarterly Expenditure report for Institutional Funds as of September 30, 2020