Transfer Equivalency Guides

Transfer Equivalency Guides

SHSU has two tools available to find which college-level classes can transfer from a community college or other institution.

Looking up my degree:

TESS provides unofficial degree audits that show how credit from other institutions will transfer and how credits will apply to your SHSU degree. If you are thinking about applying, or have already been accepted, TESS will make the transfer process easier and more transparent. Current SHSU students wanting to take courses during summer sessions elsewhere should consult their academic advisor.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Only input a repeated course one time. SHSU takes the highest grade received for a course taken multiple times.
  • You will not see a grade option of “F”. You cannot input courses with an F since they are not transferable and will not apply to your degree plan.
  • If you are core complete at a previous institution, you will be core complete at SHSU. This may not show in the audit but will be honored upon admittance.

Who can you contact with questions?

For transfer assistance, support and guidance with admissions, financial aid, transfer course equivalency, degree discovery, and more contact the Enrollment Services-The Woodlands Center at 936.202.5170 or

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the transfer and degree evaluation report that you created is not official and should only be used as a guide to help you understand how your classes taken at previous institutions may transfer and apply to degree requirements. The information is based on the most recent catalog, which may not be the catalog in effect at the time of your admission. Not all transfer institutions or courses may be listed. SHSU will accept all transfer courses with a grade of D or above from accredited institutions. Remedial courses do not transfer. You are strongly encouraged to meet with a Pre-Transfer Advisor to review your degree audit. Official transfer and degree evaluations are completed upon submission of an application and official transcripts.