Through excellent instruction, research and public service, the College of Education provides all students with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, strategies, and experiences which allow them to serve in diverse roles and function productively in society. SHSU College of Education's Mission Statement

Counselor Education Degrees

Educational Leadership Degrees

  • School Leadership, MEd

    Campus and Online

    Specifically designed for individuals who are also seeking to work towards Principal Certification, this program curriculum emphasizes school administration and organization, effective leadership strategies, campus business management, and federal, state, and local school regulations.

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  • Higher Education Administration, MA


    The program is designed to enhance career-related leadership and will focus on student services, academic affairs and student success, enrollment management, governance and organization of higher education, contemporary issues such as information technology, resource allocation, and other administrative functions.

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  • Instructional Leadership, MEd

    Campus and Online

    The Instructional Leadership program is designed specifically for the candidate who wishes to work in a leadership position in either public school, private school, or other educational organizations. This degree is not for principal certification candidates.

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Library Science and Technology Degrees

School of Teaching and Learning Degrees