Forensic Science, Master of Science

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Two scientists looking at evidence.

The Master of Science in Forensic Science program is accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) and provides a rigorous core curriculum with a multi-discipline approach. This unique and interdisciplinary program was the first of its kind in Texas and allows students the flexibility to tailor their degree to specific needs and goals.

Graduate level topics include forensic biology, forensic toxicology, controlled substance analysis, trace evidence and microscopy, instrumental analysis, crime scene investigation, pattern evidence, law and forensic science, ethics, and quality assurance. These core topics are complemented with advanced coursework and laboratory instruction.

The program maintains strong ties with accredited forensic laboratories in both the private and public sectors. Students are required to complete an internship in a forensic laboratory, complete an independent research project, and demonstrate good oral and written skills that will prepare them for future success in both the laboratory and in the courtroom.

Program Breakdown

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Category Degree Summary
Catalog Entry Master of Science (M.S.)
Length 44 Credit Hours
Enrollment Fall
Costs Rates Per Semester
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Application Deadlines

  • Fall: January 15

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