Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

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Mathematics is a powerful tool for solving practical problems, combining logic and precision with intuition and imagination. The basic goal of mathematics is to reveal and explain patterns — whether the pattern appears as electrical impulses in an animal’s nervous system, as fluctuations in stock market prices, or as fine detail of an abstract geometric figure. At Sam Houston State University, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics.

Consistently near the top of job rankings each year, mathematicians are some of the highest paid, most satisfied professionals. Our students have opportunities for research experience which makes them more marketable for these jobs upon graduation.


Students considering a degree in mathematics are strongly encouraged to consult an advisor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics prior to registering for any courses.

Minor: A minor of at least 18 hours is required. Suggested minors include statistical methods, statistical theory, chemistry, computer science, economics, music, physics, or biology.


There are many opportunities for students to be involved in research projects with faculty. In addition to invaluable experience, research projects provide opportunities for travel to national and regional conferences and often includes stipends for research grants. Possible internships exist with NASA, the National Security Agency, actuarial firms, and in the oil industry.

Careers in Mathematics

  • Actuarial Science
  • Computer Science
  • Operations Research
  • Finance
  • Teaching

Or continue your education with an MS or MA in Mathematics or an MS in Statistics.

Program Breakdown

Brief breakdown of the type, or types, of degree(s) available, their length, available enrollment, and estimated cost.
Category Degree Summary
Catalog Entry Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Length 120 Credit Hours
Enrollment Fall and Spring
Tuition/Costs Rates Per Semester

View the Mathematics brochure (.pdf).

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: December 1
  • Summer: May 15