Instructional Systems Design and Technology (ISDT), Doctorate of Education

Available: Online

The Doctorate in Instructional Systems Design and Technology (ISDT) is a fully online professional practice and scholarly doctoral program designed to prepare individuals to lead the learning analysis in diverse contexts and the integration of technology into different types of learning environments. Primarily, this doctoral program prepares individuals as scholars of learning technologies who will lead learning analysis research and leaders of instructional technology who will guide their organizations toward achieving meaningful integration of technology.

The ISDT doctoral degree produces learning technology leaders and scholars who create instructional/learning materials for education, training, or performance improvement environments. Their professional fields are K-12 school districts, higher education, military training, medical education, and businesses in support and service roles. These roles include instructional/learning design, learning analysis, evaluation of learning management systems, educational networking, and assessment/implementation of instructional and learning technologies.

Program Breakdown

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Category Degree Summary
Catalog Entry Doctorate of Education (EdD)
Length 60 Credit Hours
Enrollment Fall
Costs Rates Per Semester
Admission Requirements Application Materials

Application Deadlines

  • Priority deadline: March 1
  • Final deadline: August 1

Please note that application deadlines will occasionally change. Please contact the program director (listed in the contact section) for confirmation on application deadlines.

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