Mechanical Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science

Available: On Campus

Learn the fundamentals of mechanical engineering through hands-on experience.

The BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology is designed to provide graduates with marketable industry skills and the ability to work with a variety of mechanical systems. Students in the program gain hands-on experience in combining engineering physics and mathematical principles with materials science for an extensive understanding of current and future mechanical systems. 

One of the most established and broadest engineering branches, the modern world would not exist without mechanical systems and those trained to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain them. 

Highlighted Scholarship

Fred Pirkle Scholarship Endowment
No less than $5,000 if awarded; awarded to qualifying full-time undergraduate or graduate students majoring in a discipline with a curriculum dedicated to Engineering Technology; maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50.

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Career Opportunities for Graduates

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Industrial Robotics Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering Manager
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Stress Analysis Engineer
  • Thermo-fluid Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Mechanical R&D Engineer
  • Piping Engineer 
  • Field Mechanical Engineer 

Program Breakdown

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Category Degree Summary
Length 120 Credit Hours
Required Courses

Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS

Enrollment Fall and Spring
Tuition/Costs Rates Per Semester

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: December 15
  • Summer: May 15