Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration

Available: On Campus

If commercials, ads in apps, and billboards are what come to mind when you think of “marketing,” that’s only scratching the surface. Marketing encompasses everything from developing a product/service/idea and deciding its price to determining where to sell it, how to get it there, and what it should look like on the shelf. But there’s more: the marketing field also includes brand management, market research, and analysis of data related to business decisions. Of course, advertising, sales, and social media play a part in marketing too, along with so much more.

Whether you see yourself as creative or analytical, or a mixture of both, the Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from Sam Houston State University will prepare you to work in all aspects of the marketing process.


Course topics for the marketing major include Consumer Behavior, Professional Selling, International Management and Marketing, Marketing Research, and Strategic Marketing Management. Electives include Retailing, Services Marketing Management, Sales Management, Promotional Strategy, and Supply Chain Management.


To earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), students must achieve a 2.0 SHSU and cumulative GPA. 

At least 50% of the required business curriculum for the BBA degree must be taken in residence at Sam Houston State University, which may include courses taken at The Woodlands Center campus or through SHSU Online.

Students are required to earn a minimum grade of “C” in all marketing courses.

Minors: A minor is not required to complete this program. However, should students want to pursue one, suggested minors include management, business communication, English, or mass communication.

Careers in Marketing

  • Sales
  • Marketing Management
  • Logistics Development
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research

Program Breakdown

Brief breakdown of the type, or types, of degree(s) available, their length, available enrollment, and estimated cost.
Category Degree Summary
Catalog Entry Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
Length 120 Credit Hours
Enrollment Fall, Spring, Summer
Tuition/Costs Rates Per Semester

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: December 15
  • Summer: May 15