Zoom: Meeting Options

Once a Zoom meeting is in progress, there are several options meeting participants have.

View your Zoom - Meeting Options instructions in this brief video or take a look at the step by step instructions below.

Zoom Meeting Options

Mute (1.)

Mutes the microphone of the participant. The meeting host has the ability to mute all the meeting participants or just their own microphone.

Start/Stop Video (2.)

Allows participants with a webcam to use the video from their webcam during meetings.

Invite (3.)

Invite allows participants to be invited to the meeting once the meeting is in progress. Participants can be invited in a variety of ways.

Invite Options

Manage Participants (4.)

Manage participants displays a list of the participants in the Zoom meeting. The list will be displayed in a pane  on the right side in the meeting display window. The meeting host will have options such as muting microphones and disabling the use of video for participants in the meeting.


Share (5.)

This option allows meeting participants to share a variety of information to other meeting participants. Share options include white board, particular software or windows open, as well as monitors. Select the option to share and then click the Share button.

Share Options


The whiteboard options allows meeting participants to have a “blank” space to create and share ideas.


Chat (6.)

Chat allows participants to type chat messages to each other instead of using a microphone or other audio option. When the chat option is selected, a chat pane will display on the right side in the meeting display window.

Chat Window

Record (7.)

Record allows the host to record the meeting. The recording can be saved on the computer or in the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere with internet access. Each user has .5 GB of space available in the cloud. Note: Users will get an email regarding cloud storage when the storage is at 80% full.

Note: We are limited to 14TB on Zoom but unlimited on Kaltura so for longer term storage we can recommend to transfer over to Kaltura storage. 

Record Options

To access a meeting saved to the cloud, visit shsu.zoom.us, sign in and select Recordings. 

Closed Caption (8.)

Closed caption provides the ability to add closed captioning to the Zoom meeting. The options include allowing a participant to type the captioning or use a 3rd party closed captioning service.

Closed Caption Optioins

Breakout Rooms (9.)

Zoom allows meeting participants to be divided into Zoom breakout rooms for discussion if needed. The host can determine how many rooms and allow Zoom to automatically divide the participants or the host can manually divide the meeting participants.

Breakout Rooms

End Meeting (10.)

Once the meeting is over, the host can end the meeting for all participants by selecting End Meeting.

NOTICE: If you have a Zoom account, be sure to contact the IT@Sam Service Desk before changing your primary email address (e.g. alias email) so we can assist you with the switchover.