Zoom: Attendance Reports

Participant attendance for a Zoom meeting can be viewed in the Usage Reports. To view the report:

Login into to shsu.zoom.us

Select Reports and then Usage.

Reports Options

If needed, update the date range for Zoom meetings to review and select Search. Then select the number for the meeting to review attendance in the Participants column.

Report Meeting List

The Meeting Participants will be listed. If a participant logs off and then back on, they will be listed twice. To assist with this, select the checkbox for Show unique users. The list can be exported for your records if needed by selecting the Export option.

Attendance Report

Note: If a participant uses a computer or the Zoom app for video, but calls in via phone for the audio, they will be listed twice in the participant list, once with name for logging into the video, and second with the phone number for calling in for audio. Also, if a participant calls in via phone only, the phone number will be the item listed in the participants report.