Zoom: Join a Meeting using Meeting ID

Zoom allows users to join Zoom meetings already in progress if you know the Meeting ID. 

1.  Visit the website shsu.zoom.us and select Join. 

 Join Meeting

2.  Enter the Meeting ID and select Join. 

 Enter ID

3.  Enter your name and select Join. 

 Name and Join

4.  Zoom allows users to download a temporary app to use for the meeting or join meeting through the website. Note the web option does not have as many features as the temporary app. 

Join or Download 

5.  Select the Audio option that best suits your equipment (telephone or use of speakers and microphone with the computer). 

 Audio Options

6.  If you need to leave the meeting or the meeting is over, select Leave Meeting. 

 Leave Meeting

NOTICE: If you have a Zoom account, be sure to contact the IT@Sam Service Desk before changing your primary email address (e.g. alias email) so we can assist you with the switchover.