Zoom: Create Virtual Event Invite

Hosting virtual Zoom events is a great way to keep our Bearkat community connected during a time when we are socially distanced. We know you want your virtual event to run smoothly with an easy, secure way to promote it and no inappropriate interruptions or Zoombombings.

That is why we have established the below requirements for ALL SHSU Zoom events. (THINK: public events hosted by departments/organizations on campus, not regular classes or private meetings) 

Using the Web Browser of your choice, complete the required steps below to schedule and manage your secure event:

  1. After logging in to your Zoom account, select Schedule a Meeting

    Schedule meeting

  2. Next to Meeting ID, select Generate Automatically
  3. By Registration, select Required (additional steps are required throughout this scheduling process)
  4. Beside Security, select Passcode and Waiting Room (You can customize your passcode if preferred, otherwise Zoom will generate a number)

  5. At the bottom of the meeting schedule screen, add an Alternative Host (AKA: Co-Host)
  6. Select Save
  7. Then, scroll to Registration at the bottom of your screen and select Edit

  8. Select Manually Approve 
  9. Lastly, select Save All
    Save All


When you are promoting a public virtual Zoom event, it is important to use your secure registration link. Using this link keeps your meeting secure even if you post the event information on social media, emails, and websites. 

Meeting information such as the meeting link, ID or password should never be shared in a mass email, on a website, or on a social media platform. This provides Zoombombers with everything they need to attack your meeting.

For additional assistance, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk at 936-294-1950.