Zoom: Chat

Not only does Zoom provide web call capability, but Zoom also provides a chat feature as well and it is super easy to use!

To get started, open the Zoom desktop app and select Chat from the menu at the top.

Desktop App

You can search for SHSU users by typing their name in the Search area.

Chat Name Search

Once you locate the person to send a chat to, double click their name and a new chat window will display.

New Chat

Zoom chat allows you to send:

Chat Options

1. Messages
2. Screenshots
3. Files
4. Emojis/GIFs

The icons next to a users’ name are status indications.
status-icon-online-mobile-appOnline with mobile app
status-icon-in-zoom-meeting-or-presentingIn a Zoom meeting or presenting
status-icon-calendar-eventIn a Calendar Event (if calendar is being synced)
status-icon-do-not-disturbDo Not Disturb