What do I do if I am Zoombombed?

If you are experiencing a Zoomboming attack, perform one of the quick options below to handle the situation before it gets out of control. 

Option 1: The easiest and quickest way to stop a Zoombombing is to select:

  • End Meeting for All

    If you are the host or co-host and need to end the meeting for everyone, select End in the options at the bottom of the Zoom window.

    End Meeting

    Then select End Meeting for All.


NOTE: If you need help setting up a new meeting and inviting your attendees to join securely, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk and speak with an on-call technician at 936-294-1950.

Option 2: If you want to regain control of your meeting, use the below steps:

  • 1. Immediately lock your meeting:

    Locking a meeting does not allow others to join a meeting.

    View your Zoom - Lock Meeting instructions in this brief video or take a look at the step by step instructions below.

    1. Select Manage Participants from the meeting display. The Participant list will display on the right side of the screen.
    2. Select the More option at the bottom of the Participant list.
    3. Select Lock Meeting.

    Lock Meeting

    NOTICE: If you have a Zoom account, be sure to contact the IT@Sam Service Desk before changing your primary email address (e.g. alias email) so we can assist you with the switchover. 

  • 2. Remove Zoombombers from the meeting:


    From your Zoom meeting click on Participants.

    Select Participants

    From the participant list, hover over the participant's name and select More.

    Particpant List More

    Click Remove.

    Remove Participant

Regardless of which option you choose above, you must report the Zoombombing Incident to the IT@Sam Service Desk after the meeting has ended. IT@Sam will then take the necessary steps to find out how your meeting was accessed and determine if the Zoombombers were affiliated with SHSU.

For additional questions regarding Zoombombing incidents, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk and we will be happy to help.