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The Honors College endeavors to provide for its students an enriched educational and social experience that leads to lifelong learning and personal growth as well as professional success.  To that end, the program encourages participation in community service activities, thus promoting the development of service, one of the three attributes most desired in outstanding Honors students (scholarship, leadership, and service).  Typically, the volunteer events/projects give students the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills and gain experience in social and civic involvement.

Why do Honors students volunteer?

Volunteering provides a means to impact the community in a positive and meaningful way. Community service allows students to work with people from different backgrounds and majors while enabling them to gain valuable life experience, skills, and hands-on learning. Also, it helps students give back to society, explore personal issues, and even have fun!

What activities count as community service?

Community service is any volunteer activity that benefits a non-profit agency, civic organization, or local community. The student/volunteer will not receive monetary payment for the service, but will usually receive personal gratification and a sense of worthy accomplishment.

Community Service Commitments

Before you commit to an activity, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time do I have to commit?
  • Which talents or skills do I have to offer?
  • Do I want to work alone or in a group?
  • What would I most like to learn?
  • Do I want an ongoing assignment or a short-term assignment?

Community Service Requirements

The Honors College requires ten hours of community service each semester in order to merit advance registration. Students may participate in service projects either on or off campus, or in their home communities.

Verification Procedure

The Community Service Verification form is available here electronically, in the Honors College office,  and under "Course Documents" on the Honors Blackboard. Complete the required information, obtain the project supervisor signature, and return to the Honors College office by the end of the semester in order to participate in early registration the following semester.

How to Contact Organizations

The best way to go about contacting a representative for community service is through the provided contact information. Most times you will be provided with a phone number and an email. If you contact through the phone, be prepared to state your name, what times you are available, and the reason why you are doing community service. In an email, you should provide the same information. Make sure you are friendly!

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