Honors Ambassadors


Honors College Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are select members of the Elliott T. Bowers Honors College. Chosen through an application and interview process, the Ambassadors represent the Honors College and the University at special events throughout the year. Honors Ambassadors often meet with visiting regents, political representatives, or other dignitaries. During special Honors events, the Ambassadors play important roles as hosts and greeters, table leaders, or panel participants. The ambassadors are the face of the Elliott T. Bowers Honors College.

Being an Ambassador involves taking on certain responsibilities--the willingness to give up time, often in the evenings or weekends--in the interest of supporting College events. Ambassadors need to be able to represent us well, both in deed and word. The rewards, in addition to the pleasure of having served and the esteem of having been chosen, include a stipend each semester and the opportunity to travel to Honors conferences at program expense. There are 21 ambassadors, spread throughout every class and representing every college at the University.

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The Elliott T. Bowers Honors College

Academic Building IV Suite 202 | Box 2479 | Huntsville, Texas 77341-2479

Phone: (936) 294.1477 | Email: honors@shsu.edu

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Yadira Domínguez DSC_0524-2

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Cecilia Hendrickson DSC_0326-2

Honors Ambassador Officers Left to Right

Haley Cook - Ambassador President

Yadir Domínguez - Vice President

Ellen Classen - Secretary

Leslie Garcia - Social Chair

Cecilia Hendrickson - Historian & PR Chair

Edward Agsunod DSC_0634-2 César Amaya DSC_0581-2 Jessica Bilsing DSC_0474-2 Kaidlyn Birk-Cockburn DSC_0595-2
Brian Cary DSC_0543-2 Morgan Hansen DSC_0351-2 George Hendrickson DSC_0419-2 Makenzie Hesse DSC_0338-2
Alexander Kinsel DSC_0370-2 Morgan Marsh DSC_0394-2 Alyssa Newman DSC_0445-2 Jennifer Oster DSC_0575-2
Jair Alex Rosales DSC_0404-2 Mariana Velandia DSC_0626-2 Katherine Wescoat DSC_0568-2 Huda Yousif DSC_0416-2
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