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The Honors College encourages and promotes faculty involvement with students through events, undergraduate research opportunities, one-on-one Honors Contracts, and one-on-one Honors Thesis. Read more about each below.


During each semester, the Honors College hosts ProfSPEAK!. ProfSPEAK! is a series of events open to all SHSU undergraduate students interested in research. Each presentation will allow students to learn about what their professors are working on and encourage them to become involved in undergraduate research. This event is also open to all SHSU graduate students, faculty, and staff. To view the current semesters ProfSPEAK! events, visit HONORS EVENTS. For more information about participating in a ProfSPEAK! event, please contact HONORS@SHSU.EDU.

Additionally, the Honors Student Advisory Council hosts Pizza with a Prof. Pizza with a Prof is a series of events open to Honors College students. During the event, students participate in informal conversation and Q&A sessions with a professor invited by HSAC. The Honors College office provides pizza and refreshments for attendees. To view current Pizza with a Prof events, visit our social media. For more information about participating in a Pizza with a Prof event, please contact HONORS@SHSU.EDU

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Every year, the Honors College Ambassadors host the UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM. For the URS, all SHSU undergraduates are encouraged to complete research and present it at the annual conference. Each student must find a faculty advisor to help guide their research and review their presentation. This symposium also provides the opportunity for SHSU faculty to be moderators for student presentations. Register to become a FACULTY MODERATOR for the 13th Annual URS taking place on April 18, 2020. For questions about the URS, please contact URS@SHSU.EDU

Honors Contracts

Most faculty-student interaction occurs during one-on-one Honors College Course Contracts. An Honors contract is an agreement between a student and a professor to do extra work in a regular (non-Honors) course with the purpose of receiving Honors credit for that course. It should exceed the work done in a non-Honors class and should be intellectually challenging and stimulating (and, if at all possible, creative and unique). At the same time, a contract project should not be an overwhelming amount of work akin to taking an additional two or three hours of coursework (think quality, not quantity here). For more on Honors Contracts, please view the linked Course Contract FAQ document available below. 

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Contract FAQs

Contract Proposal Form

Contract Certification Form

Contract Cancellation Form

A Course Contract is to be complete by students enrolled in non-Honors courses seeking Honors credit. For more information, read Contract FAQs.

The Contract Proposal Form must be submitted prior to beginning a course contract.

The Contract Certification Form must be submitted after completing a course contract. 

The Contract Cancellation Form must be submitted if a student fails to complete a course contract.

Note: If neither form is submitted, the student will not receive Honors credit for a course contract.

Honors Thesis

One more way faculty interact with students is through the Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis is an opportunity offered to Honors students in order to achieve graduating with Highest Honors. During the Honors thesis process, students are required to be under the direction of a faculty member of his/her choice. For more on Honors Thesis, please view the linked documents below.

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Thesis Proposal Form

Thesis Final Approval Form

Thesis Binding Form

Thesis Template

The Honors Thesis is to be completed by students wishing to graduate with Highest Honors.

The Thesis Proposal Form must be submitted prior to beginning an Honors Thesis.

The Thesis Template is designed to help guide students in the layout and design of their Honors Thesis.

The Thesis Final Approval Form and Thesis Binding Form must be submitted after the completion of an Honors Thesis.

Note: If neither form is submitted by the deadline listed, the student will not be considered for graduation with Highest Honors.

Honors Seminar Proposal Form

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Seminar Proposal Forms

Any faculty interested in teaching an Honors seminar should fill out the following form. Contact Dr. Patrick Lewis (pjl001@shsu.edu) for more information.

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