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Honors Advising

It is our top priority that our students graduate successfully with Honors. Each semester, students are required to be advised by the Honors College to ensure that they are on track with Honors hours and requirements.

Early Registration

Early registration before freshmen, juniors, seniors, athletes, and other groups on campus is one of the most significant benefits the Elliott T. Bowers Honors College offers to its students.

To register early for the upcoming term, all Honors students must complete and submit 10 hours of community service at the end of each semester. Students who are newly accepted into the Honors College this semester will have the community service requirement waived as they were not in Honors the previous semester so they could not have already submitted them, however, they must still complete 10 hours of community service hours in order to qualify for advanced registration the following semester. As a general rule, we suggest completing 10 hours of community service each semester regardless of having just joined the Honors College.

Additionally, current Honors students who did not submit community service hours last semester are not part of the group who is given the requirement waiver and are still required to be advised to ensure they are on track to graduate with Honors.

The registration portal WILL NOT UPDATE until approximately 24 hours before early registration begins (on November 3rd). We will post a list of all the students approved for early registration. Please DO NOT EMAIL OR CALL the office about your registration time before then.

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Advising Types

  • In-person Peer Advising

Peer advised is by an Honors Ambassador, and it holds the same value as being advised by an Honors faculty member. Peer advising is especially helpful for Students who are unable to schedule an appointment with one of the Honors faculty. However, any complicated questions must be answered by scheduling an appointment with an Honors Faculty member. All peer advising session information regarding meeting times and locations is sent out via email, so we encourage students to pay close attention to the weekly newsletters.

One-on-One Virtual or In-Person Faculty Advisement 

  • Advising with Honors Faculty

Advising with Honors Faculty is offered both in-person and virtual. These are made through Campus Connect in the same way that Sam Center Advising is scheduled.

Campus Connect Honors Advising is located under Student Resources.”

As long as the “Send Me an Email” box is selected on the Campus Connect appointment confirmation page, you will receive a unique link for your advising appointment.

Schedule Honors Advising

Important Advising Notes

Honors faculty schedule their advising appointments around their busy schedules and make every effort to accommodate yours. If you schedule an appointment with a Dean, please honor it. If you no-show for your appointment, you will automatically not be eligible for early registration.

To be eligible for advance registration you must:

  1. Be advised by the Sam Center or Department BEFORE your Honors advising appointment.
  2. Schedule your advising appointment via Campus Connect (for those who want to be advised by an Honors College Dean).
  3. Review the Honors Course and Seminar List and check your degree requirements on Degree Works.
  4. Select courses and develop a plan for registration.
  5. Attend your Honors Advising appointment on time and prepared.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE – Time slots will fill up quickly, and the Honors office is not responsible if you do not obtain an appointment.

Honors Early-Registration Advising for Spring 2023

Advising for the Spring 2023 semester should be scheduled via Campus Connect. Advising opens Monday, October 3rd, and will close Friday, October 28th, at 5 PM.

For Peer Advising Only: students of any classification can be advised during the peer advising sessions.

For Honors Faculty Advising Only: students must be advised by their classification.

The Senior and Junior Advising period will be the first two weeks: October 3rd through October 14th.

The Sophomores and Freshmen advising period will be the second two weeks: October 17th through October 28th.

Please pay attention to the time you sign up to be advised because sign-ups for incorrect slots will be canceled due to time conflicts.

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