Travel Card

The Travel Card is a University-liability corporate card, which the University is responsible for paying directly to the bank. All employees are eligible for a travel card. However, travel cards are only for local/institutional funded travel and require Pre-Approval before each use. After each use, expense reports must be submitted within 30 days of end travel date.

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Allowable Travel Card Expenses

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Travel Card Responsibilities

Sign travel agreement & aide by University Travel Policies & Procedures

Protect card and card number at all times to prevent unauthorized use

Prevent personal charges and report them by selecting the check box Personal Charge in Chrome River

Only use for business purposes and stay within Pre-Approval allowances

Report fraudulent charges immediately to WEX Mastercard Inc by calling the 800 number on the back of the card. Then, you should alert the Travel Office. WEX will send documentation that will need to be returned within 30 days of the statement date.

Dispute charges with vendors for non-receipt of services or products within 30 days of statement date.

Card Problem Resolution Form

Reconcile expenses within 30 days of travel end date. Look for green dot in eWallet and ensure all transactions have posted.

Expense Report Details
  • Optional Precautions

    Departments may opt to maintain the cards in a secure location to be distributed only for the duration of travel.

  • Travel Card Replacement

    If a Travel Card needs to be replaced, charges will only incur if the card needs to be shipped FedEx for processing fees.

  • Cancellations & Suspension

    Travel Cards will be cancelled or suspended due to one or more of the following:

    • Three Strike Rule. If the traveler or department has been delinquent in reporting expense or has three (3) travel expense reports with unauthorized expenses, then the Travel Card can be suspended for one year with notification of card suspension sent to traveler and department head.
    • Excessive Unauthorized Expenses. If an SHSU traveler’s account reaches the limited amount of $200.00 for unauthorized expenses, then the travel card will be suspended until repayment has been made to SHSU. Cardholders who do not comply with Sam Houston University Travel Policies and Procedures may have their cardholder privileges revoked. Misuse of Travel Card may result in disciplinary action.
    • Employee Separation. The Travel Card is valid only while the cardholder is on active payroll status. The Travel Card will be canceled and deactivated by the Travel Office on the date the employee separates from the University.

    The penalties for misuse are valid for one year per the Travel Office, however, the department can enforce more restrictive internal policy. All unauthorized charges will be added to the traveler’s MySam account. The traveler will receive notification of the charges and payment is due upon receipt of the travel audit report.

Ghost Cards

Virtual cards, known as “Ghost Cards” are used only in Concur to charge airfare to the department’s FOAP.

Exclude from Pre-Approval and Expense report. If more than one FOAP is needed, adjustments are made with the Controller’s Office.