Expense Report

You must submit an Expense Report for out of pocket cost and travel card transactions within 30 days of travel end date.

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Documents You'll Need

Missing a Document

Documents You'll Need

Registration. Regardless of payment method, traveler must provide documentation of rate with proof of payment. If a P-Card was used, the receipt will be attached as a P-Card transaction and should be excluded from the travel expense report.

Lodging. Attach proof of any conference discount rate and/or additional approvals from Dean or Vice President. For shared lodging, the expense report must include the Pre-Approval ID or Expense Report ID of the other traveler via comment in Chrome River. Expenses can be split by FOAP, if necessary.

Airfare. Attach a receipt that includes

  • Name of traveler
  • Ticket number
  • Class of transportation/basis code, if applicable
  • Travel dates
  • Fare total
  • Origin and destination of each flight (city pairs)
  • Method of payment

Ground Transportation. Traveler must provide the original receipt.

Rental Car. Receipts must include:

  • Rental car company
  • Traveler name
  • Rental pickup and return date
  • Itemization of expenses
  • Proof of payment

Mileage. All “To/From” destinations must be detailed and specified on the travel expense report. In Chrome River, travelers are encouraged to add their commute miles to their profile. When creating the expense report, the traveler should use the mileage tile to change deductions section default to none by clicking the word none. Then, the traveler will select distance and the commute miles will auto populate based on the information in the profile settings.

Meals. Receipts are not required for individual meals for overnight travel, regardless of payment method. Receipts are required for non-overnight student travel.

Missing a Document

If required receipt is not available, then attach the Missing Receipt/Documentation/Problem Resolution Form to the Expense Report.