Travel is sponsored by the university when the purpose of the travel is to represent the university or further the university’s interests, which includes attendance at conferences and workshops.

Travel Procedures

Employees and students traveling on university business must follow the these procedures for all SHSU business, athletic, and group travel. The university recommends all employees follow CDC and/or State Department pre/post travel guidance based on individual vaccination status.

CDC Recommendations

Domestic Travel

International Travel

All university-sponsored travel originating on or after January 1, 2021 must be approved in advance in accordance with the following protocol.

  1. Confirm funding source to determine travel guidelines. Allowable expenses and approval routing vary by the funding source.
  2. Obtain GSA Lodging and Meal Per Diem Rates. Search location at
  3. Calculate allowable travel expenses. What's allowable?
  4. Obtain cost comparison, if applicable. What to compare?
  5. Confirm available travel budget. How to find budget availability
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After submitting Pre-Approval report, the report will be routed to appropriate approvers. You'll receive an email once the report is approved or rejected.

Once you're approved, you'll need to:

  1. Register for conference/event.
  2. Book airfare, lodging, and/or rental car.
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Travelers are responsible for ensuring expenses are within approved allowance.

During your travel, you'll need to:

  1. Provide Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Form to Texas hotels. Tax charges will not be paid by the university for hotels in Texas. Print Now
  2. Keep receipts. Use the Chrome River SNAP App to keep track of receipts.
  3. Report Student Travel. Per Clery Act compliance, submit overnight student travel details upon check-out. Submit Online Now
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Travelers must submit an Expense Report for out of pocket and travel card transactions within 30 days of travel end date.

Upon return, you'll need to:

  1. Review Chrome River eWallet. Ensure all travel card charges posted.
  2. Attach all receipts. Add receipts from SNAP library and upload remaining receipts.
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Staying safe online should not be limited to just your office, home, or classroom. You should practice information security no matter where you are. The more you travel and access the internet when traveling, the risks of cyberattacks increase.

How to Stay Cybersecure While Traveling

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