Fiscal Year-End Coming Soon

Check out how to transition into the new fiscal year.

Fiscal Year Transition

Purchase Requisitions are processed through BearKatBuy.

A purchase requisition is a document which transmits a request for goods or services with the authority of the requestor.

By Catalog

Checkout in supplier store to complete purchase order.

By Form

Non-catalog supplier orders, multiple invoice orders, memberships, direct pays, Aramark orders, and memberships are completed with forms.

P-Cards are expensed in Chrome River.

P-Card is used when vendors do not accept purchase orders and items are not available through catalog suppliers. Items available through catalog suppliers are not eligible for purchase on the P-Card.

Reporting Cycles

All reporting cycles periods start on the 4th of the month and end on the 3rd of the following month. Reports are due by 5pm on the 15th of each month, unless the 15th is on a non-work day. Reports begin generating on the 6th of each month.

FY21 Due Dates

Thu. Oct 15, 2020

Mon. Nov 16, 2020

Tue. Dec 15, 2020

Fri. Jan 15, 2021

Mon. Feb 15, 2021

Mon. Mar 15, 2021

Thu. Apr 15, 2021

Mon. May 17, 2021

Tue. Jun 15, 2021

Thu. Jul 15, 2021

Mon. Aug 16, 2021

Direct Pays are processed through BearKatBuy or externally by paper form.

Direct pays do not require a purchase order. Expenditures allowed on through Direct Pay include purchases using agency funds, entertainment, on-site business meal & beverages, mortgages, leases, rent, replenishment of postal meters, utilities, and visa fees. Direct pays are created in BearKatBuy for all 7XXXX account codes. All other accounts, such as revenue or clearing accounts, must submit a paper Direct Pay Form.

Find My Purchaser

Each department has a designated purchaser. Tip – Use ctrl + f or ⌘ + f in the PDF to locate your department faster.

Need an account code to finish your purchase?

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