Student Travel

Student travel is funded by institutional funds only and students are required to follow the same policies and guidelines as employees. Student travel does not include out of town athletic events, student teaching, internships, practicums, observations, or research. Student travel procedures are the same as business travel with a few additional steps.

Travel Procedures

COVID19 Testing Strategy

The Student Health Center can work with you to support safer academic events outside the classroom that require group interaction and/or travel. A testing strategy can help to identify asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic cases that might otherwise go undetected and result in the event causing an outbreak.

The recommended testing plan includes the following:

  • Encourage participants to routinely test 1-2 times per week during the entire semester.
  • 2 weeks prior to your planned academic event, participants test three times per week.
  • If the event includes travel by common carrier with people other than your group, additional measures including post-event testing are recommended.
  • A combination of rapid antigen testing along with saliva-based PCR testing can be utilized, but at least one test per week should be PCR.

This testing protocol is an additional strategy to support safer interactions, but all standard mitigation measures should remain in effect:

  • Physical distancing (6 feet)
  • Face coverings (at least 2 layers, snuggly fitting around nose and mouth)
  • Avoid eating indoors in groups with close contact
  • Common carrier travel by university vehicle
    • Reduce capacity to allow for physical distancing
    • Wear masks while in the vehicle
    • Do not eat or drink in the vehicle
    • Facilitate extra ventilation by opening windows partially

Setup Chrome River profile(s)

Undergraduate students must be setup as a vendor in Chrome River by an admin staff to create pre-approval and expense travel reports.

  1. Complete Guest Traveler Setup Form
  2. Departmental admin will need to create a report utilizing their profile, selecting student as the traveler type and the traveler’s name as the vendor.
  3. Once the vendor name is selected, then the report is tied to the traveler’s name and no longer in the name of the admin when information is transferred to Banner.
  4. Departmental admin’s profile in Chrome River will still be utilized for reports. Reports will be routed automatically through Chrome River for approval based on org used for expenses.

Clery Act Travel Reporting

The Clery Act Travel Form must be completed at the end of overnight student travel (individual or student organizations) to record accurate times, dates, hotel, and room numbers. The University Police Department must collect crime statistics based on the information you submit.

Clery Act Travel Form

International Travel

International Travel must be approved by the respective Vice President in advance of the expenditure of funds.

Foreign Travel
How to Find Funding

The Student Affairs Travel Fund provides financial assistance to registered student organizations, in good stand, seeking to bring recognition to Sam Houston State University through participation in off-campus, regional, state, national and international student events, conferences, competitions, etc. These funds are not intended to strictly support academic programming. For more information, see Student Travel Funds Guidelines.

Student Affairs