Foreign Travel

COVID19 Guidelines

University-Sponsored Travel

Based on CDC guidance, all university-sponsored travel originating on or after January 1, 2021 must be approved in advance in accordance with the following protocol. Travel is sponsored by the university when the purpose of the travel is to represent the university or further the university’s interests, which includes attendance at conferences and workshops.

Any requested travel itinerary that includes a common carrier (plane, train, bus, or shared shuttle) will only be approved if:

  • the travel is deemed essential by the Vice President of the division in which the traveler works, and
  • the nature of employment or educational program accommodates telecommuting for 14 days upon return
  • Any requested travel itinerary not requiring a common carrier will follow the standard (pre-COVID) approval process.
  • Upon return from any trip that included a common carrier, the traveler will telecommute for 14 days upon return.
  • Upon return from the trip (regardless of mode of travel) the traveler must monitor potential symptoms or exposures and follow all University COVID-19 Protocols.

Employees - Personal/Convenience Travel

  • An employee’s supervisor must approve vacation requests in advance.
  • Employees should notify their supervisor of plans to travel domestically via common carrier or personal conveyance to destinations under travel advisories so the university may determine whether the employee is required to self-isolate after returning to the employee’s domicile and before returning to work.
  • Any international travel requires 14 days of self-isolation after returning to the employee’s domicile and before reporting to work.
  • Prior to travel that requires self-isolation upon returning to the employee’s domicile, an employee must secure pre-approval for leave or telecommuting during the period of self-isolation.
  • Domestic travel is subject to any CDC COVID advisory or state and local travel restrictions.

CDC State/Local Restrictions SHSU Travel Policy

Submit Pre-Approval at Least 45 Days Prior to Departure

Create Report

Travel must benefit the state of Texas and/or the university. Documents required to be completed for each traveler and attached to the Pre-Approval in Chrome River.

  • Affirmation, Wavier and Liability Release
  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Itinerary while in the foreign country
  • List of students (roster) if applicable

Currency Conversion

Attach all exchange receipts for reimbursements of cost and fees

Attach detailed personal debit/credit card statements to expense report to document exchange rate. Travel card automatically converts currency rate in Chrome River.

Obtain exchange rates

Report Changes

Changes must be reported to International Programs immediately.

Warnings & Alerts

Destinations with travel warnings or alerts is strictly prohibited for student travel. Employees may request a wavier, but are not guaranteed approval.

SHSU Travel Handbook Travel Warnings/Alerts